Date: 5th October 2015 at 1:53pm
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Ten things Villa fans aren’t happy about this week

Villa Grizzly with your weekly ten.

10 That corner

Straight after the game, down in the bowels of the Holte Suite quite a few were spitting proverbial feathers over our attempt at an injury time, game saving corner. What is it with Villa and Corners? Can no one swing a decent effort in – and with some of the units we have at set pieces now there are plenty of bonces to aim for.

9 Ashley Westwood

That boy just can’t keep his name of this list. He cannot take a corner to save his merry life and for every half-decent touch, pass or tackle he completely soils his game with his sideways and backwards fixation. He seems completely at odds with the idea of moving forwards or playing a through ball. His substitution was ironically cheered on Saturday yet he remains a firm Sherwood favourite much to the ire of all and sundry.

8 Team selection

Ironically the two names Sherwood can not seem to live without – Westwood and He Who Sprints Falls Over – are the two names most can do without. Yet whether Gil, probably our most technical creative midfielder, plays 10, 15 or even 30 minutes seems to be a matter of debate for Sherwood. Grealish, our one inspiring spark, started from the bench on Saturday, with Crespo dropping into the side for a hello-goodbye 3 at the back performance. Sanchez, was also back to the bench despite playing well and actually seeming to care – and now we are told Sherwood is effectively experimenting on match days. Well, we didn’t realise that Tim. We were convinced this was a masterplan.

7 Libor Kozak

Ex-Lazio hitman man, Libor Kozak just can’t get a sniff. We’ve seen some wooden performances up top yet the Czech international isn’t even on the bench. He showed he can lead the line and score goals at this level yet his services are not required. Just another mad decision at Villa that makes absolutely no sense. The faithful aren’t happy about it and they want answers from Sherwood. So far no answer that makes any sense has been forthcoming.

6 A bad start

Our worst start to a season since 1986-1987. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (the one with the whales) was on at the pictures and True Blue by Madonna was number 1 in the charts. That’s how long ago that was, yet the records just keep on tumbling under Lerner. In case you’re not hot on your Villa history we were relegated that season. We finished at the foot of the table in 22nd position, with 36 points. That season we won one game at home, to Luton, between 23rd August and the 4th October. From the 27th December to the 25th March we did not win a single game. You will understand why many of the fans then are confidently predicting relegation. Easy to see why when our next games include a wounded Chelsea(a) Swansea(h) Tottenham(a) and Man City(h).

5 Idrissa Gana

He is not here for the long run – he’s made that quite clear – and as we’re all discovering he is not Fabian Delph either. We were hoping it would be a like-for-like replacement though so far, despite being one of our better performing players, not a patch on the snake. Lots of grumbling about this after the game and on the forums

4 Fitness

According to Tactics Tim the squad ‘aren’t quite fit enough to play the way I want them to play.Each week now he says something that I have to sit down and think about and my conclusions are usually not good. My first thought was, does he just make this shit up, yet the fans seem to agree that the players are not fit enough and that performances tail off. The speed they showed in signing their contracts has just not been replicated on the pitch, which is a surprise. Too many mistakes, too many second half goals. Apparently, for the players not on international duty, they will be undergoing a mini-pre-season during the break to put this right. I am sure we are all utterly reassured. Let the season saving running and jumping begin.

3 The attendance.

Whatever spark Tim Sherwood gave us has gone. We were ten thousand down on Saturday for a 3pm KO. I may be a die hard but I am starting to sympathise with those who decided to stay at home and clean the fridge instead. Trust me, getting the Cilit Bang into the corners of your meat tray is preferable to watching this lot. At half-time there were so many miserable, drained faces that a close up view of a packet of ham and some semi-skimmed would have been welcome. Indeed the last two home games have served up some of the most eye gouging football we have probably seen at Villa Park. People have just had enough and are reverting now to the choice made under Lambert and that is to stay away. The unfortunates who run this club are not just killing our season they are now killing our weekends as well in an all too familiar pattern. Expect sales of Doom Bar and Carling to rocket in the Birmingham area.

2 That Stoke Goal

Let’s remind ourselves what happened. Gana and Veretout set up camp on the right side of midfield. They abandoned Ashley Westwood, who was busy shuttling between two Stoke midfielders. He was trying to keep pressure on the ball though he should have had the brains to know that you can’t pressure the ball on your own. Still no response from Messrs Gana and Veretout who were still at right-side camp trying to remember their names. As a result a patch of space big enough to launch a spacecraft developed in midfield. Diouf read it brilliantly. He started to edge to the left of the defensive line. Crespo stupidly tracked him. Amavi was now confused. He was watching the space in midfield wondering whether he should move inside, though his defensive instinct was to stick with Diouf. With Richards occupied, Crespo should have left Diouf to Amavi and shuffled back across to sit on Arnautovic who had his hands out asking for the ball in the sink hole of space that now existed between Crespo and Richards. Arnie was in this position for about 7 seconds. Ball then goes to Arnie, Arnie shoots and scores. A simple Goal. Stoke will probably not work a defence better all season. The general opinion from the fans: utterly unacceptable from a team at this level. Defending like this will relegate us.

1 Sherwood Out

Eight games in and the chants have started already – and why not, because lets be honest: the fans have had five seasons of this barrel scraping hope sucking cash draining misery and they have absolutely no patience for a day more of it. They are not interested in a masterplan, a transitional season, a developmental phase, or even a spot of patience. Godbless them, they want results now. The faithfull have waited long enough and spent enough of their hard earned money to demand that. Neither do they intend to go through yet another relegation battle. Expect the home crowd to completely turn on him if we lose to Swansea.