Date: 11th September 2012 at 11:01am
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Well this is a strange one. Always seems to be something going on with Villa where it looks like an us v them!

The Club, following 9 complaints, have banned the One Stan Petrov flag from games because it obstructs fans views.

The flag is unfurled in the 19th minute.

Obviously, the Club do put up Stan and #19 on the big screens during the minutes applause, but this flag will now be stopped from being unfurled.

I find it strange the fans have complained, however I`ve not heard any quotes from any of these fans as to why they felt compelled to do so. I`d have thought IF it is only a minute the flag is out, then a compromise could be found between those fans and the Brigadia who have organised the banner? Maybe it could be kept right in the corner on the left making it away from the 9? I don`t sit there, I don`t know is the simple fact of it. However, I do wonder how sanitised football will have to become.

However, on the flipside, the Club are put in a funny position where they would have to act and I`ve spoken to the Club today following our forum thread: Click Here.

They said they have tried to get in contact with the group but haven`t had a call back. Maybe the best step now is for them to arrange to go back and meet with the Club, see what can be done, not only for this flag but also for what I believe their aims to be, which is to help bring the atmosphere back to Villa Park.

Brian Doogan (media spokesman) has been on WM this morning saying the motive of the fans with the banner is ‘really great` but the club has to cater for all the fans and those who have their view obstructed also need to be looked after. He did also stress how much great support the fans (and the club/players/former players and staff) have given massive support.

He also said that the banner hasn’t been banned, they could show it before or after the game. I’m sure if they get in touch with the club this issue could be sorted pretty well?

Bit of a battle over nothing maybe? Or…?!

If you are one of the fans who have complained, feel free to get in touch (I would obviously not put your name out) or a member of Brigadia if you have something to say, just drop me a line