Date: 13th February 2006 at 1:54pm
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A mixed reaction from the Villa fans when Vital Villa asked – following more links from Newcastle suggesting David O’Leary might be their next managerial target – if you would care if David O’Leary left.

22% said they would drive him there themselves, 1% didn’t want him to go unless Ellis joined him (!) only 1% were undecided and 30% said they would care if he left.

That left the majority, 46%, saying it would make no difference as long as Ellis was in charge.

So there you have it, unhappy fans, unhappy players, a manager who seems unhappy and is being linked to the exit door and a chairman doing nothing of any use apart from picking up his wages and bonus.

Happy days.


12 Replies to “22% Would Drive O’Leary To Newcastle”

  • I voted to drive him there myself, but on reflection i don’t think i could put up with his verbal diahrea on a 5 hour car journey!!!

  • I would drive him there myself. Only if Doug paid me petrol money. Seriously though who else would we get in, With Doug as chairman?

  • As was the proved by the poll, it wouldn’t matter if DOL went to Newcastle, the new manager would still be operating under deadlys constraints.

  • We’ve got to keep DOL. The guy in my estimation should be given the opportunity of working under new, progressive, ambitious owners, owners who will back him in the transfer market, and give him more support and guidance than the current impotents could e

  • The last thing we need is DOL to be given more money! More Bersons, DJ-DJ’s, Bergers and Laursens anyone? DOL OUT! DOUG OUT!

  • Skeggy cant drive him there as his car has broken down lol

    So ill gladly drive DOL there but theres only room in the boot

  • infact ill apply a roof rack so he can sit on that he doesnt deserve a seat in the car plus my car is very small

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