Date: 31st March 2006 at 3:10pm
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Vital Villa asked – following the article by WH Taylor – should Villa take the Fergie approach and keep David O’Leary?

Article: Would The Fergie Approach Work? Click Here

The poll swung dramatically with O’Leary having 50% of the vote at one point. We left it to run a couple of days longer than usual to get as many votes as possible. The results:

38% said ‘we need one manager for years, David O’Leary isn’t the one. 24% said O’Leary should be sacked, 10% said if they were the manager they would leave Ellis to it.

That left 28% saying that they would like to see David O’Leary stay and that he should have another season.

I’d be interested to see what he could do if we got new owners, if Ellis stays, then I think we need a different sort of manager altogether, quite who I have no idea, as not many top managers class would be daft enough to jump ship from other management jobs to work with Herbert surely!? Trouble with O’Leary, as one fan said on Sky Sports the other day, ‘he has disrespected the club from the day he came here’ and I think many fans have seen their patience stretched too far.

Reports recently suggested O’Leary has until Easter to steady the ship, surely it would be more prudent to give him until the end of the season?


6 Replies to “28% Say Give DOL Another Season”

  • So 72% want him out, but he still keeps saying its a ‘small minority’? Get real David and get gone!

  • I’d be interested to know how many people in total vote in each poll – any chance you could do that in future?

  • In view of all what’s gone on this season, 28% is really a very high number. It shows that he does still have supporters. I too would like to see him in charge for another season, particularly if working alongside new owners.

  • I couldnt bare another season of David O’Dreary, I’m sure it would send me into a spiral of severe depression! Anti-Ellis, Anti-DOL, Pro-Villa, Pro-Zac! lol

  • Just depends whether Ellis goes, if he does then I’d give any manager a chance, although he would have to learn to be a bit more ‘fan friendly’. The quotes he comes out with are desperately bad at times.

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