Date: 11th May 2006 at 11:37am
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Well, no surprise here really, our latest poll once again shows that the majority want David O’Leary out of Villa Park.

Vital Villa asked the simply question, how should the board vote on David O’Leary?

64% said sack him.

12% said sack him or I won’t renew.

24% said give him one more season.

3/4 against seems to be about right in all the polls we have run. I’m now not going to say anything else about O’Leary and the current situation. As I’ve said a thousand times, Ellis and the board are still the main problem and although I think O’Leary should have walked, going on and on about it won’t make a difference!

The ball is now in the boards court (and Ellis is fabulous at tennis so ….. ), sack him and the pressure is on them to not only bring in a suitable replacement, but also to find the funds to allow him to do his job. IF they decide to keep him, then what will the point of picking over his every word be? I’d say fans should give him at least until Christmas. We’d surely just have to accept the decision (albeit grudgingly) and then we are all free to decide whether to vote with our feet or return to Villa Park and watch what could well be a season long relegation fight.

I’m a mug, so I’ll be renewing, it is simply what I do! I treat Villa as my penance, I go down there, get thoroughly miserable then the rest of the week seems so much brighter and more exciting!


9 Replies to “3/4 Say O’Leary OUT. (Villa)”

  • Hopefully the board will act quickly this week – one way or the other – and let EVERYONE know the situation.

  • How long have you known the board do anything quickly? Everything to do with Villa seems to drag on interminably, and makes it embarassing.

  • Totally agree Bigwire, but we live in hope! As you say, everything seems to be such a saga at Villa, totally embarassing.

  • Hopefully how long its taking them to come out with something is a good sign, maybe they are trying to sort out his pay off!

  • A little worried that there was no statement after the meeting on Monday, the only hope is that DD has not offically backed him, so who knows?

  • Think the meeting on Monday was between DOL and Ellis, now the rest of the board are said to be meeting this week to vote on the manager situation.

  • They (the board) need to get their act together, and quickly too. This is a very important summer for the club, and we need to get things moving. If a new manager is to be required, then fine, oust O’Leary and get a new man in. Trouble is of course, they

  • Id say sack em all… Id love to have enough money to walk into Villa Park, Kick Ellis down the stairs, slap O’Leary around the face with Barry’s boot for embarassing us so much this season both on and off the pitch, and give Villa the future the club and

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