Date: 12th February 2018 at 1:42pm
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Three things we learned from our Aston Villa 2-0 Birmingham City victory at the weekend.

1) At last. At last. At last. We have a team that cares again.

We`ve seen some very poor teams over the last goodness knows how many seasons. The last few months has shown a big reverse, things improving even more at the wise hiring by Steve Bruce of his trusted coach Steve Agnew. The togetherness of the team, manager and indeed the fans I`m sure hasn`t gone unnoticed. Things did get stretched a few times this season, a slow start, a bit of promise, then the slip to 9th. Even Steve Bruce himself will have been questionnign what on earth was going on. But since then, the team have pulled together and answered the doubts with a fantastic run of victories.

You could see the togetherness on Sunday in the local derby.

2) We should do this more often!

How many times as fans have we shouted ‘shoooooot` only for a sideways or backwards pass? Now players are no longer hiding (see point 1 and 3 for why!) and are relaxing, they are showing us all what they can do. I thought at times Conor was quiet during the match, then boom. I tell you what, he can be quiet in more games if he wants, as long as he has moments like that in them!

3) The players now believe in themselves.

This is the key.

The tweet from Uncle Albert says it all..

I`ve said quite regularly we should be playing with swagger and winning games with ‘ease` (no game is totally easy, but you get what I mean) and yet the players didn`t seem to realise their own worth or have the same belief that a lot of us did. Now they have got it. Confidence. A bit of swagger. And mix that with point one, togetherness, it`s a winning formula.

There is no need to fear any team. No need at all. We had an expensively assembled bunch of individuals. We now have a confident team and indeed squad. Whoop and other such frivolities.

You got any lessons we’ve learned? Feel free to leave them in article comments, the forum or even send me some in an article submission!


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3 Replies to “3 Things We Learned From The Great Win Over Blues”

  • Number 4: seeing a full stadium yesterday showed that the Championship is NOT where this great club should be. Looking at at some the PL gates and then B6 yesterday afternoon hit home what potential this great club has. (It’s only taken me 56 years as a s

  • the good thing is we have quality all over the park when it comes to sticking the ball in the back of the net,,, yesterday they did a pretty decent job on snoddy but that gave adoma a bit more space,,,
    they could not deal with grealish at all and he too

  • yes, nicely said gordonsleftboot. Was rocking. Wish we had it like that every week!

    Agree austinmaxi, been a long time since we’ve had a spread of goals – and indeed, a long time since regular goals from midfield.

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