Date: 5th March 2010 at 1:24pm
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600 Aston Villa Season ticket holders had a disastrous trip to the Cup Final!

The chartered a train from Witton Station to Wemberley on Sunday which the Villa supporters booked this through a club link was a complete and utter shambles.

All travelers were advised to be at the station for 09:30, however upon arrival at 09:15 they were advised by stewards that the train would be delayed, they were invited to go the Legends Lounge for coffee and would be advised/up-dated on the departure when they had a time.

Thomas Cook were the agents and bookings through the official Aston Villa Website site link giving your club/season ticket booking number. The cost of tickets for this trip were a £39 no discount for kids not the cheapest way to get there.

They should have been at the ground in London for 12:10 but they were still at Witton Station at 11:55, they eventually arrived at 14:15 just enough time to rush to the seats and got seated 10 minutes before kickoff. In short the transport to the Cup Final absolutely ruined their day quicker than Wayne Rooney.

In these days it’s a disgrace that between Thomas Cooke and Aston Villa 600 people can’t be shifted for Witton to London on a special day without an amateurish almighty cock up.

The club stewards by all accounts were brilliant.

General Krulak was asked about this in his thread in our 100% forum and said:

“We are definitely aware of the debacle on the Thomas Cook train.

We are all over it…have demanded an investigation of the entire affair. We do know the following:

1) the train was late getting going due to signal and track issues…not a Thomas Cook problem.

2) Thomas Cook only had two people on the train so when problems broke out on the return, they were woefully short on personnel to sort the issue.

Again, we have asked for a full accounting of what took place.