Date: 13th September 2017 at 8:38am
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Steve Bruce interviewed and once again says he is determined to put an end to the blight of not putting chances away.

He was pleased with the response after the woeful draw v Brentford but is frustrated at not being able to put the ball in the onion bag.

He says Traore tackle was ‘stupid and dangerous` but laments the red card given to Lansbury which he`s right, should have been a yellow. It was ‘taking one for the team` yellow in my humble.

He adds that we have the makings of a very good team and that we will be ‘there or there abouts`.

We should be already.

He then talks about ‘mass hysteria`. Steve, you`ve got to stop these digs that implies everyone else is wrong being worried.

It isn`t mass hysteria, it was a poor poor effort from you and the team last season and this season we have 7 points from a possible 21. That is poor. We are 18th, that is pathetic. And the manager still doesn`t know his best formation, best team or quite how to send us out on match day, that`s frankly embarrassing. And this is from someone who likes Steve Bruce and so wants it to work out. A kid up front, holding the ball up for………. oh damn, no one. It`s a bit amateur isn`t it?

As Bruce says, HOPEFULLY things will change and lets hope it is Saturday.

I have to be fair and say I don`t know how some of our chances were missed last night and the misses aren`t his fault.

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Maybe our run out music should be for Steve next time?!


14 Replies to “7 Points From 21 Is Not Mass Hysteria. Bruce Match Reaction”

  • He says he needs time but I can’t say I’ve seen anything todate to say its going to change, it appears to be the same tactics week in week out and occasionally we get a glimmer only for the next game to be awful. Not sure how he can say much when as you s

  • C’mon, JF, isn’t this talk a bit OTT? Give him a wee bit more chance. September is a long month and when you have a striker (Hogan) stopping his co-player’s shot from being a goal then you wonder whether fortune is against the club. Added to which bringin

  • Oh, and let’s not forget that GT was close to walking out in 1989-90 after an average start. We finished runner-up.

  • Oh, and let’s not forget that GT was close to walking out in 1989-90 after an average start. We finished runner-up.

  • Comments like he made last night about “mass hysteria” really aren’t helping his case. No one is hysterical, but plenty are concerned about the complete lack of progress over the past 12 months, the continual tinkering with the system (and tactics, such a

  • If my quick analysis is correct, when SB came he managed the first 6 games alone ( without
    Calderwood ) and got 12 pts – that’s 2pts/game.
    Since Calderwood came we have played 36 games with a total of 45pts – 1.25/match.
    This season alone we are down

  • not sure Lergy, I like him, but when he says mass hysteria, or slates the ‘crisis’ … look at his record last season and where we ended? look at where we are now? I don’t have the answers mate, only the questions but he will get (I think) the backs up

  • SB says he will get it right, is that months,years or what? How long do we have to wait before he admits he can’t cut it anymore and walks away, we need to forget stubborn old managers living in the past, who think bringing in mates from a previous life

  • What does ‘we will be there or thereabouts’ mean? Thereabouts where? Just outside the top six or automatic promotion? He says it’s hysteria but in my humble I was talking to a Spurs fan recently down here and he said Villa haven’t been run properly for ye

  • Hysteria is something my ex girlfriend was guilty of whenever she saw a moth. I tried telling her to think of it as a night time butterfly but oh no, off she would run, flapping her arms and shrieking like a banshee.

  • Brownevillan – apparently it came out of a Reliant Robin as that has only one up front too. Sold to us by an agent named Trotter, I understand. Chateauneuf du Pape!

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