Date: 17th February 2017 at 10:57am
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Look on the bright side.

Not just clutching at straws, but an analysis of what I consider to be some positive points of our current situation :

1. We have an owner who cares – nobody can doubt that.

2. We have ‘football people’ at the top – something that we were all asking for.

3. We have a manager that we can understand when he gives his post match interviews. Don’t always agree with what he does or says,but at least we can understand what he says despite the Geordie accent.

4. We will have a new goalkeeper next year.

5. We have a first class centre forward-Kodjia will be better than Benteke.

6. Gabby’s contract runs out at the end of next season.

7. We still play in Claret & Blue. OK I admit I am starting to run out now but trying to think positive does make me feel better. If I am honest though I have to tell you that a bottle of red wine works even better !




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    “9 . We can only get better … we can’t get any worse.
    I’ve said that every season for the past 5 years!

  • Other pluses: Hutton, Bunn and Kozak are out of contract at the end of this season. Richards is also out of contract next season along with Gabby, Toner, Cissiko and Sanchez, even though 2 are out on loan and hopefully will be gone this summer

  • I must say, I think Sanchez would boss this league, and in the (regular) absence of Jedinak, we’re crying out for a ball-winner such as he. As for the other you mention KK, , meh. We will be well rid (maybe not Toner, I quite liked him when he played last

  • Agreed JPA, Sanchez in front of the defense is a good option and yes Toner looked promising.
    Another option is to bring Veretout back – as I said in a previous post he is doing well at St Etienne and showed what he can do at Old Trafford last night.

  • Fully agree the foundation is much stronger. Hence you can withstand the storm. Just a matter of the players playing as a unit. Promotion next year and hopefully no looking back. But the scary thing now is if we don’t play well soon. We could get relegate

  • We will be relegated because there isn’t any team We can beat. Dr. Xhia should be sourcing a replacement for SB right now to get us back up into the championship and 2 years after that into the Premiership. What we have at the moment is the quick fix and

  • Just hearing Bruce wants to bring back Micah Richards to help save our season. No bright side there then. Let’s get Gabby back too, resign Prescott, and might as well get Steve Hodge while we’re at it. Unbelievable – learns nothing. Wants to turn the cloc

  • Agree with Djfrance2 about Vertout. He was nothing like the player we saw last season at Old Trafford the other night. What is it about our discarded players that seem to shine at new clubs. SB has got the players he wanted and it’s his job to get them wo

  • Yes South coast Villan, it has been a constant problem over the years – the list is long. We have been unable to get the best out of so many players.
    I have a feeling that we are going to have a nice surprise at Newcastle.
    Once again a good red wine hel

  • Ouch, hope not HonestDave,that really would destroy the set up. But if we don’t get wins then the only thing left to hope for is that there are 3 worse 🙁

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