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Can I ask you why you walked or why you didn’t walk.

What you thought of the protest

Would you repeat it as they are asking us to

The responses to the question:


1) Yes, I walked, I wanted to show solidarity to the fans who have set up the protests due to the fact I used to call for fan action and always hoped and prayed fans would respond (it’s a major worry and would be so embarrassing if they didn’t work)

2) Ill timed, we should have been mathematically down first. I also think it should have been a televised game. Plus, we used to consult on the forums asking fans what they wanted to do. They have split fans down the middle. Booing on the 18th and 74th minute would be easy and ‘everyone’ would do it. No money, not much organising required. And finally we never once asked fans to do anything once the game started, it was before games and then the atmosphere was usually charged…

3) No, I won’t be doing it again, it is, to me, ridiculous to try to do the same thing more than once. That point was made, time for another. I would be surprised if this built and got a bigger response next time.


I walked , didn’t particularly enjoy it , but I thought if a protest was going to be effective then it needed a bit of solidarity. I gave my son and nephew the choice and if they had said stay I would have gone and stood in the concourse.

Not sure I would do it again, I think the songs about Lerner and Fox were as effective to be honest.


1) I didn’t walk, it just goes against the grain with me.

2) It didn’t look that effective at the time to me but it’s certainly got a lot of attention on Five Live this morning and the anti-Fox chants were great, so I’d consider it a success.

3) See the answer to one.


I didn’t walk, I thought about it but its something I have never done before and it didn’t feel right last night, however I respect those that did walk and those that didn’t, I actually felt really proud of the fans last night, they were amazing and showed why we are the lifeblood of Aston Villa Football Club, I also have to mention the Everton Fans, they were great, extremely respectful and as a fan feeling thoroughly depressed and pretty desperate at the moment I really appreciated it!

Personally I think the chanting, the songs and the passionate defiance that is being displayed at Villa Park is far more effective than walking out, I also like the white flag idea, because it totally reflects what the owner and the board have done by the appointment of Remi Garde (Nice bloke but out of his depth) and the lack of transfer activity in January, I did actually have a white handkerchief in my pocket but didn’t feel confident enough to wave it, if I see others do it I will certainly follow suit.

Like last night I won’t walk out against Spurs, but again respect to those who do, I sincerely hope that the chanting, the songs and the defiance continues and I hope we manage to make Fox and his cronies feel even more uncomfortable.


1) I didn’t walk. I’ve paid for a season ticket and I’ll leave games when I want to, not when someone tells me to – I walked out after the 6th went in against Liverpool. The atmosphere last night was toxic, easily the worst Villa experience I have witnessed. Wish I hadn’t made the 2 hour drive up, but as I have just said, I’ve paid my money, therefore I’ll watch the game.

2) Which protest?

a) I thought the walk-out was half hearted – most seemed to be looking around to see what everyone else was doing, rather than making a beeline for the gates! Glad I stayed and saw us score.
b) The chanting was more effective in my eyes, but not sure I agree with everything that was being chanted, or why. For those that expect Lerner to sell up for nothing, get real. The issues at this club have been brewing for 5 years, under poor mismanagement from Faulkner, McLeish and Lambert. The only reason we have not gone down before is pure luck. I believe Fox and the Board need time to start to sort the mess out, with Randy out of the way – we’re not about to get any investment, it has taken Everton 15 years to find some!

3) I won’t be walking out against Spurs unless the players on the pitch do another Liverpool and I’ll go when I feel ready.

Cannot believe the reception some of the players got at the final whistle. Poor again, except Gana (who was excellent) and just because a few turned around and clapped and gave some shirts to fans, all is forgiven? Sorry, too little too late lads and the situation we find ourselves in is just as much the players fault as the past regime.

Melon Donkey:

Wasn’t sure what i was going to do tonight, walk or stay. Ended up staying. The reason being that after the anti Lerner, fox then VTID songs etc i thought being there doing that was more impactive than a walk out. No problem with whatever people did tonight but i would absolutely love to see a full house giving both barrels like the small crowd there tonight did. That would be very impactive in my humble.

The other reason i made the on the spot decision not to walk was i actually felt defiant. These t***rs are not going to drive me away from the club after best part of 35 years. Why should i walk away just because they are inept fools. I am the club not them.

I will today add… After feeling, seeing and participating in the anti chants. No brainer, i will not be walking out in further matches. I would encourage everyone to stay and chant against lerner, fox, reilly and almstad. I would urge everyone who wants to stay away, to forget the argument about not giving money to lerner etc for the moment. Come to the game boost the attendance. Full house giving it the large one to the board would have a massive impact. It grew into what was needed last night. It can move up several notches with a bigger crowd.


Why did I join in ? I feel powerless against this regime and as an avid, passionate ST holder I felt this was my only way on the night of helping the cause and making a statement.

What did I think ? As expected not as many left as I wanted. I estimate only about 15% walked out on reflection (think I said 35% last night)

Should we do a 74 minute walk out again ? No not in my opinion .


I didn’t walk – I am there to support MY team, and I will leave when I want to. In fact, a number of people around me gave pelters to those who did walk out for not supporting the team, quite rightly in my opinion. I would rather not spend money in the shop and the catering etc and withhold my support in that way. I think Fox (if he’s still in a job) would take more notice if and when shirt sales nosedive.

I thought it was a completely ridiculous idea, and in the event, was pretty ineffective. Particularly considering many people apparently stayed and watched in the concourse, or even more hilariously, came back to their seats! A low attendance in the first place, and plenty of people left after the third goal went in, so I really don’t believe it achieved anything.

I most certainly won’t do it in the future – I really don’t get the idea of doing it at all, let alone for three matches.

I should say, I personally don’t have a problem with people doing stuff like this if it’s what they feel to be effective. I just don’t agree with it.


Don’t know whether you could say I did or not.

I ‘left’ on 74 as, with others, wanted to show solidarity with the fans, but, as I said before hand, I didn’t agree with it, so I chose to stand under the Holte for 5 mins, watch the game on TV and then I went back to my seat on about 80 mins.

My dad and my two mates left totally.

Would I do it again, no. I felt very uncomfortable doing what I did on Tuesday and will not repeat it.

I am all for chants, showing signs, booing , and my personal favourite – waving hankies – but I am not leaving


No I did not but I am not a self righteous ass who thinks those who walked are wrong every fan makes there own choice and from what I have seen since it was not a waste of time it was in fact widely publicised on sky on the night it may have been spoilt slightly by quite a few walking when the third goal went in. As I say I have no problem with those who stayed or went I understand the feeling of both sets and am not going to knock the fans who walked as for those who gave them stick what a bunch of tossers willing to start a fight with your own jeez give me strength to understand some people. Most of those who left support THERE team just as much as those who stayed they just cant contain there anger at what is occurring at Villa Park which I understand myself my son and others shook hands with a few we knew as they passed.


No I didn’t walk out . I only ever go when they announce the added time then we have a slow wander down to the front and leave when the whistle blows .

I don’t like being told how to support my team basically


No, I didn’t walk out, and neither will I for the Chelsea and Tottenham games.

Just not for me, and anyway, to have walked would have been a hypocritical move on my behalf.

I will without a doubt be buying my season tickets for 2016-17 in the championship, so why walk out when nothing will change for me next season.

As a family we were split. Son-in-law number one walked, as did son in law number two, and daughter’s number two and three.

My wife and eldest daughter are both season ticket holders but were not at the game, neither was future son-in-law number three, who supports Greenock Morton anyway.

Mind you, he’d have walked had he been at the game, daughter number three would have seen to that.

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