Date: 15th August 2006 at 10:33am
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Vital Villa asked if you welcome the Randy Lerner bid?

A massive 93% said yes.

5% were undecided and just 2% said no.

On the strength of that poll, Eltoro sent me the suggestion that the 2% were blue noses (!!) and went on to say:

I like the 2% of blue noses who have obviously voted on the poll about Randy Lerner. Looks to me that they don’t like the idea of the Mighty Villa once again being the force it was.

Well, I say to you, Karen Brady, David Sullivan, Steve Bruce, Jasper Carrot, Roy Wood, Jack Osbourne, The Bull ring, All porn magazines, your boys are going to take one hell of a beating!

Ahem, thanks Eltoro!


21 Replies to “93% In Favour Of Lerner Bid”

  • It certainly disproves the comment from the nosers
    “the tide of football in this city is turning blue”

    They were right Claret and Blue.

  • Rumour on Villa Talk that AV06 are about to wade in with a £70m bid. And there’s still the shadowy Still consortium waiting in the wings. 21 days to go. It ain’t over till it’s over…

  • is this going to be a another abramovich era! i hope not because is ruins the game and the league!

  • No It aint over yet I feel. But you just don’t know what to make of the others. I think Neville was never really in the running to be fair..but AV06? I don’t know..A £70 million offer with promises of £30 million immediately for O’Neill and with an appara

  • I like the Lerner bid much more than a mysterious consortium with 10 billion. To be honsest this is more than I could have asked for in May, but with Lerner we know what we are getting. A person who can run a top Sports organization, we know he is not g

  • I’m in agreement with you NY Villa. We know what we’ll be getting with Lerner and I like the sound of the man very much. I hope AV06 go away quietly to be honest but I don’t know what will happen next week..The way Randy Lerner has done his business is ex

  • If Lerner is Chairman he will appoint a strong GM who will report daily to him, I cant see him trying to run the Browns AVFC and MBNA all at the same time.

  • I think what we are all saying here is that the right man is more important than the most money. I was very unsure about Lerner but now we know some of his plans I’m quite confident about him and his bid. Most of all, I look at the staff he’s bringing i

  • the early reports stated he doesnt pretend to know everything about football,NFL or anything but they said he will appoint someone of the highest caliber to run/manage the team.O’Neil is the man to manage and he will prob bring in someone with football kn

  • NY Villa, I thought he’d sold MBNA and that was where he got his money from. So it’s just running The Browns and Villa at the same time then, a snap :o)

  • There’s a lot to be said for the merits of AV06, should they not just be huffing and puffing hot air. No doubt we are about to find out. Sometimes I wonder if we arent tempted to close the door on alternative bids because all we want is the takeover done

  • I do not know about anybody else but I recently bought a house. It had been on the market a while and it needed some renovation even though in the main it was in reasonable nick. I had been keeping my eye on it and was unsure of the real value. I told the

  • Good shout villain of the north. Both Taylor and Langham know what’s what and were held back by Ellis..although I think Lerner will do it his way and might see it as going back instead of forward. And I think taylor has already publically questioned the m

  • As much as it is an exciting new era (and rival bids are good because competition is healhty) I think Ellis should still put the money up for a couple of signings b4 its too late.

  • You can’t trust real estate agents voiceoftheholte. Afterall, they are in it for the comission and they’ll feed you any old manure to get a bid from you.

  • Lerner’s plans sound good – and sensible – on paper, and I’m sure his business sense is excellent. My worry stems from the news reports I’ve seen where (it seems) he is discussing tactics with (I presume) the coach on the training ground. A little too han

  • Baros 10, I don’t see that Taylor being sceptical should be any hinderance, after all, to a pragmatic business man scepcism is just a healthy regard for both negative and possitive possibilities before one has enough facts to make an informed decision.

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