Date: 14th September 2008 at 10:08am
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1) Another great start for Spurs, all down to Berbatov the footballing mercenary sulk, or are you just struggling to get the right team together?

At the time of writing this we are at the bottom of the prem (or I guess we are as I can’t bare to look), but I think blaming ‘The greatest Living Bulgarian’ for our ills is ridiculous and just looking for excuses. I think we are in transition, adopting a new system, new players gelling as well as being poor in defence (prior to the Chelsea game) and lacking a cutting edge in attack so far.. The ideas are there but the execution is not.

2) A lot of money has been spent at Spurs, is it right that the director of football seems so hands on and if he is bringing in the players, is he not also as culpable for poor results as the managers?

Forget any thoughts that Damian Comolli (DoF) is too hands on and interfering, it simply isn’t true. I will put my cards on the table and say I think he is doing a very good job and am a fan of the role. Comolli has no ambition to be the next manager.. ala Dennis Wise, therefore his job much depends on the success of Juande Ramos and the partnership they develop. It is far to easy to accuse DC of bringing in poor players, but crediting the coach with all the success’s, excuse my stupidity, but this simply doesn’t add up.. As for spending a lot of money the balance sheet shows that we are in profit by about 10m from all deals in the last two windows

3) Martin Jol seemed to split opinions for Spurs fans, is Juande Ramos a step up or….?

I liked Martin Jol, mainly because he seemed like a nice guy and I have to say his record of two 5ths speak for itself, but only those with the most rose tinted glasses didn’t see major cracks appearing. As for ‘Our Great Leader’ I like the cut of his jib.. he is building a team whilst also sorting the basics off the field. I think we will get stronger as the season progresses, though the fact we are currently bottom leaves plenty of scope for improvement

4) What was your best signing of the summer?

A bit early to tell and easy to pick a name such as Modric, but I would say Gomes in goal was essential. I have high hopes for both Croatians, Bentley, Gio and Pavlyuchenko, all are potentially great players, but….

5) If you could have one Villa player, who would it be and why? Who would you gladly send to us in exchange?

Always a tough call and much depends on how Ramos ideally wants us to play, Barry, Ashley Young and Agbonlahor would all add something to the team, but in Huddlestone, Bale/Gio and others I feel we have players who are potentially as good, given time, but we need the balance. I think MON has built a really strong team unit, which is something we don’t have as yet, so for all the great players, if you don’t have the eleven working together it is worthless.

6) What, if anything, do you think of Aston Villa and also Martin O’Neill?

Without wishing to sound disrespectful, I have never really got excited about Villa as a club and have not really followed them any more or less than many other established Prem teams (though I am a bit of an anorak). I follow Spurs and whatever else interests me in football, I was always a huge Doug Ellis fan and thought he kept a very tight reign on the purse strings and made you the viable club you are today.. Couldn’t resist that one Mr Fear 😉 As for MON, I think he is a superb manager, great character, one of the top few managers in the Prem.

7) I’ve read a fair bit on Vital Spurs over the years about potential ground moves or re-developments of White Hart Lane. What is the current situation? Surely you would hate to move to one of the new identikit stadiums?

There has been no official announcement as yet, the club have been buying property all around the ground in recent years with a possible turning the ground 180 degrees, but this doesn’t solve the transportation issues. I feel that the credit crunch is forcing the club to sit and wait somewhat and I trust them to do the right thing in the end. I take your point about identikit stadiums, but when you consider that over the years all the stands have been re-built to some extent, the history will always he in the fans hearts and we will move on as have so many others, the reality is that fans don’t like change, but the majority wouldn’t want to go back when it is all done.

8) Last seasons game against Villa was a crazy rollercoaster ride and Villa really did blow 3 points from such a winning position, great entertainment though, do you expect the same this year!?

Did nothing for my blood pressure, I am predicting a bore draw this time out, a real stinker of a 0-0!! Last season was great for the neutral, while I would love to say I felt sorry for you guys, but then I would be lying, a serious score prediction is 2-1, but I would happily take the ball rebounding off a players arse to give is a narrow 1-0 if it got us the 3 pts.. Beast of luck with the game on Monday, I hope you have a great game but an unsuccessful one..

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