Date: 4th February 2018 at 2:40pm
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Unoial Villa News…

Just seen a quote from me, February 2015. Things have changed a bit thank goodness! ‘Seriously, we don`t win, we hardly draw, we don`t shoot, we hardly score.’

Colin Calderwood on the 3-2 win over Burton Albion. See the stats: He talks about the good run and states that it was very needed. ‘There is no reason to think we can`t win the next game.’ v Blues? Too right Colin! Happy with the win. With other results today we needed that. Not the most convincing victory but that’s 6 on the trot now so everyone must be happy. We made today a little bit harder than it needed to be. I thought we were sloppy at times, im just splitting hairs I suppose. All enjoy! First time since 1990 we’ve won so many games back to back ( I remember that season fondly, if we hadn’t signed Cascarino and changed how we played I still think we would have won the league that season, I digress) let’s make it 7 next Sunday against the noses. UTV DSK78 Read more: Joy At Six In A Row. Calderwood, Fans & Tweets In Praise!

I`d said to my dad a few minutes before if we played with pace and momentum Burton wouldn`t be able to live with us, then that! For a team struggling in the league they certainly passed the ball around nicely, but on the flipside, I think Villa gave them far too much time on the ball instead of snapping at their heels all the time. Any team, given time, can be dangerous. Read more: That Yellow Card HAS To Be Rescinded – Match Highlights

“I bloody love football”

Thought for the day: My girlfriend left me because she thinks I`m weird feeling pasta all the time. I`m feeling cannelloni right now

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