Date: 12th May 2018 at 10:26am
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I’m loving this. There is a great deal of affection for Steve Bruce amongst many Aston Villa fans, (I don’t want to claim all, just like all managers, he also has his critics as well!) and even those who might not have the same affection can’t help but have admiration for how he has dealt with the awful few months following the passing of both of his parents.

I thought this was a touch of quality from Tom

Who also followed up on Twitter:

What a quality gesture from this Villa fan. I thought it worthy of a wider audience and obviously, you can follow Tom on Twitter – what an age to be alive!

It is also nice in that twitter thread to see a bit of appreciation coming Tom’s way from other fans.

As I have said in our Steve Bruce thread:

I so want the team to do it for us, the ever loyal fans. But also, I massively want them to stand up, each and every one of them, and do it for the boss.

I can’t really think of a better manager to have in our corner right now. Fine, we’ve had some disappointing no-shows by the team this year and that, I feel, has ultimately cost us automatic promotion. However, we’ve also had some highs and now we can but hope his considerable experience in the play-offs will help our team, along with the old heads like John Terry, to get back to where we belong, the Premiership..

I like Steve Bruce, I sit right by him at Villa Park and I know he appreciates my considerable knowledge of the game when I shout advice out!

Just a couple of anecdotes from this season, because Steve will join in with a bit of banter, unlike a good few of our previous managers. In fact, thinking about it, the last Villa boss to be like Steve and properly acknowledge and talk with fans was John Gregory.

Villa were 4-1 up against Wolves. Bruce turns towards us just to the side of the bench so my old man (who didn’t say be a City fan and I certainly would not say the rest of that ridiculous song to him… I digress..) said “We want five Steve.” So Steve squirted him from the bottle of water he was drinking. I know it’s one of those mild stories that perhaps you had to be there for (!) but it was funny. The next game, Bruce goes for his bottle of water, turns to me and gestures ‘shall I squirt him again?’

Then – and I forget the game as is a brain ache addled memories want – there was a strong tackle made on one of our players right by where I sit. Our player was down and the referee came running over, looking to give the offending player a card.

“Red card that ref” I exclaimed. “A clear red, all day long. ALL DAY LONG.” On and on I went, so Steve, who evidently hadn’t seen the tackle, turned to me and asked: “was it?” “No” I answered and turned back to the ref “all day long ref, that was a discraceful tackle.” Steve turned away chuckling, a yellow card was given, I sat down!


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  • Nice touch. He deserves so much credit for the way he has kept going despite horrific personal circumstances. Whatever happens over the next couple of weeks, I’d be happy for him to still be here next season and am fairly confident we will go one better if we don’t make it this time around.

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