Date: 29th August 2014 at 11:56am
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Ok, lets have a go at some positivity.

A totally biased article on the as yet only linked prospective Villa signing Tom Cleverley.

I`ve taken only the positive posts from our facebook page, forum and front page article….! My main question would be the price, he only has one year left on his contract. However it is also important to point out this, as yet, is just a press link.

I’d be happy to see him at Villa, but £8m for a player with a year left on his contract? It’s a couple if million too high for my liking.

Remember people were saying the same about aly cissokho before he signed and so far he’s the best left back we’ve had in years.

Few years back he was a utd first team regular (when they actually used to win stuff), he has a number of caps for england and suddenly he isn’t good enough for us lol I’d rather see a creative player but if it happens I’ll be reasonably happy.

Don’t really care what Utd fans say, their standard of midfielder is probably a little higher than ours right now, they’d probably be comparing him with Scholes, Keane etc. I’m sure he’d be a lot more appreciated in any team outside the top 6 or 7. Which unfortunately is what we are
Stephen Jay Hawkings

Nowhere near as bad as utd fans say……in fact CAN be very good, picked as first choice for a couple of seasons by fergie,not as a defensive midfielder…Ive learned to ignore comments from other supporters,so far senderos and cissohko havnt been too shabby….We shall see…
brian little…god

JF this is what our Utd supporting friend said: Quote ”Cleverly’s not a bad player but he’s not what Utd need. He’s a good passer of the ball but not a tough marauding midfielder that Utd want. There’s not alot of goals in him. He’s more of a link man between and defence and midfield” Quote finished. Make of that what you will

Happy with this. Firstly it is a good message from Lerner. We were asking for transfer funds and it looks like we have them. Secondly Cleverly has bags of potential and experience at the top level. Would be a coup for us. Some of you have your heads up your arse moaning about this.
bikini inspector

Looks like im in a minority here,you dont play 120 odd games in a winning man u team if youre crap… or play for England more than a couple of times,watched him fairly frequently,not absolute top drawer,if he was 30/40 mill,but as good as we are gonna get.He can play.he wasnt carried,he contributed,,think we still have delusions of grandeur,as a club we would be lucky to get him…
brian little…god

Wow. I’m truly amazed at these comments. We are linked with a CM who is head and shoulders better than any we had last year and supporters have the nerve to say they don’t want him. El Ahmedi or Cleverley…hmmm, that’s a tough one(sarcastic key firmly in the on position). Westwood or Cleverley, still not much of a contest…Delph or Cleverley, I can honestly see arguments for both. Sanchez, I’m leaving out of this just because he’s so new. Cole, I’m leaving out cause I don’t think he will play much.

Must say, I don’t think he’s as bad as some are making out. Loss of form/confidence, plus injuries has hampered his progress. He did well on loan at Wigan, and when he returned to Manure…. well enough to play for England.
Pride of Lions

He is a link player. Pass and move at a quick pace. He played half a season alongside Carrick when United won the League. Struggled badly under Moyes. Not good enough for England, probably not good enough for United, but not good enough for Villa? Don’t make me laugh. My only concern is the price (if correct). £8m is far too much, but maybe this includes add ons etc based on success. An improvement on El Ahmadi. Is he going back to Feyenoord?

When he was on loan at Wigan a few years back, he played in a more attacking role in a midfield 3.. but forced to play as a deeper and more defensive midfielder at United because of the likes of Rooney, Mata etc. ahead of him. He earned rave reviews back then, and I think playing more defensively has stunted his growth as a player. I think he’d play a lot better in a poorer team than Utd’s and away from the pressure. My issue is the price, it’s a lot of money and I can think of a couple of players I’d take over him if he have this kind of money to spend (Holtby being one). By getting regular game time and being allowed to play in a more attacking role, I think he could turn out to be a good player for us. He’ll add more to a midfield three than Westwood would. A midfield 3 of Sanchez, Delph and Cleverly actually sounds quite promising. Plus, he’ll see Delph playing well for us and getting game time, forcing his way into the England squad and will want to do the same, which can only be a good thing. More than willing to give this guy a chance.

I think he could be a good addition to the squad but agree with many others on here questioning the 8m price tag. If we’ve got that kind of money + more for more vital positions great, but the problem at the moment is we’ve played 3 games and only had 3 shots on goal. We need more/better attacking players. Even with 100% squad fitness, we’re still short of options up front and on the wing. If that is also being addressed, then great, get Tom in. If this is our entire budget, I’d like to see it used in other problematic areas.

Not as bad as some are making out and better than Westwood so its an improvement which I can’t understand people complaining about. Price tag is high though and I must admit that its the striking department that needs more attention. Please Lambert add 2 Mill to the price and get Javier Hernandez instead. He’s a finisher in the style of Bent but puts a shift in too and has some pace. I think him and the big man Benteke would be awesome together.
Drayton Villa

That is 14 of 44 positive, the rest you can read yourself: A Cleverley Offer From Lambert?

The Vital Villa facebook positives, and as they aren`t registered on this site, I`ll not use the users names:

God knows we could probably spend it more effectively elsewhere, but I’m not going to complain too hard on any apparent attempts to give some bite and steel in the middle, we will shortly have a number of strikers available, all of which are capable of scoring hatfulls of goals, and several of which are due a run of form (which is no guarantee I know, but..) and I’d settle for a season where we finish comfortably mid table with no threat of relegation through a series of 1-0 wins and then hopefully have had the time to get bought and kick on next season, or even Jan if we’re lucky.

His pass accuracy is between 88-91% over 5 seasons, but he hasnt played over 19 league games in any of those. I watched him at Old Trafford (GF is a Man u fan) and twhen he came on i thought he was there best player, i was pretty shocked tbh, work rate and passing, but the main problem it always seems to be sideways, which could be good for our style of play i guess, sit back hit on the break if he can pick out the attacking players quickly and with accuracy then who knows, needs a season where he can play in every game aswell i feel

If he takes Westwoods place it gets my vote…saying that my old girl is better than Westwood!

Forum thread: Click Here (and as always, a ‘warning` more adult language is allowed in the forum as opposed to the front page)

I’d be happy with Cleverly but not at £8m. United fans hate him, he’s out of favour so why are we paying decent money for him?

Bikini Inspector: Happy with this. Firstly it is a good message from Lerner. We were asking for transfer funds and it looks like we have them. Secondly Cleverly has bags of potential and experience at the top level. Would be a coup for us.

Molly Cruyff: Not a bad signing. Relatively pleased.

Iniesta: I don’t want to be offensive to anyone but who do people think we are? We’re not that attractive a proposition for any player anymore, we don’t offer challenging for major trophies nor do we offer big wages. So to get someone who has experience at a big club, in big games. Is fairly young and English and still has the potential to become a top player is actually a pretty good signing. I’d be pretty happy with Cleverley and with the pressure of not playing for Man Utd and having this stigma on him every game I think he will come good just as he did at Wigan. Would be delighted if we pulled this off especially with how much Joe Allen and James McCarthy cost Liverpool and Everton respectively. To put it into context Wigan are selling McArthur for 7m. So actually Cleverley for that much would be pretty decent business. I will judge him as I find him as I said about Senderos and every other player we sign. If he’s shit I will then moan about him lol. I still think Lambert is our big problem but I’d be happy with this signing.

The Mad Ox: I think they’re is going to be a bunch of people with egg on their face on this one. IF he is a replacement for Westwood. You’d like to believe he will work well with Sanchez behind and Delph infront for the midfield. He has never had a run proper consistent games for Man Utd, but managed to stay around and flirt with the first team. Unlike the Westwood, he comes from a team where, Rooney, Van Persie, Vidic and so on played every day and he’s been innately affected by their work ethics. Not to mention Fergie. If Delph goes. Uh oh. If not, Delph & Vlaar sign contracts. I’d say Lambert has had the best window possible, considering all of the outside nonsense he’s dealt with.

Pride Of Lions: We haven’t signed him yet. He still quite young. He showed a lot of promise on loan at Wigan, and when he went back to Manure. Injuries and playing in a team that was on the wane didn’t help and actually aided his loss of confidence. A fresh start, a la Senderos, could do him the world of good. Only time will tell….. if he signs.

Prepared: Looked good at Wigan, he was played higher up the pitch then Forced deeper at UTD because of the attacking talent they have and Carricks injuries, so because he can pass the ball (highest pass completion in the prem last year) he was played in the role Paul Scholes left, however when you’re replacing players like Scholes the fans are going to have high expectations, and we all know Man U fans know fuck all about football so why take their opinion of a player on board. Same with Cissokho, Liverpool fans all laughed and called him shit on the ball, he’s been quality and provided some brilliant attacks down the left. Cleverley is young, English international, champions league experienced and won titles. How anyone can turn their nose up at that is beyond me! A potential midfield 3 of Delph Sanchez & Cleverley is a million miles away from what we had with Delph Sylla/KEA & Westwood!


Valencia, Hull and Everton are also linked to him.