Date: 7th January 2019 at 7:30am
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With the weekend seeing a return to the speculation linking Aston Villa with a move for Brentford striker Neal Maupay – but this time as a replacement for on-loan Tammy Abraham – a number of fans would understandably welcome it.

I covered the ‘report’ if you can even call it that from the Sun a short time ago.

Their own maths don’t add up and, as ever, there’s not a solid piece of information to really go off that hasn’t already been force-fed by the rumour mill in the game, but since the arrival of head coach Dean Smith, Maupay – given his performances for them and goal return this season – has been a well-trodden subject.

I don’t buy it and I think Brentford have better pickings myself and I certainly don’t buy the ‘Smith knows him well’ excuses, because the same is very true of Scott Hogan and I’d hoped he’d reinvent himself at Villa as Smith previously got the best from him, but that’s been more disappointing than ever before.

A deal certainly won’t happen at £6million in the modern game as claimed and whilst I think there’s more chance of me winning the lottery without buying a ticket, plenty of fans do like him as a replacement should Abraham move on.


7 Replies to “A Deal That Won’t Happen Gets Support From These Villa Fans”

  • The arrogance of teams like Villa is simply breathtaking at times!
    What – seriously – makes them think that, (apparently without a decent scouting system of their own, they can just walk in and cherry-pick from ‘sh**e pub teams’ squads (yes, the Bees have frequently been referred to as that at Villa Park)…?
    As for Dean, he left Griffin Park with everyone’s blessing for a job well done…and with understanding that, given the chance, most would want to return to clubs they supported in childhood, . Disappointing now that he’s got so little regard for us all in West London.
    But forget the ‘morals’ and ‘principles’ …let’s be realistic:-
    At the moment Neil Maupay’s on a high. He’s making/made his name at Griffin Park this season and, in his shoes, most people would be looking far higher that a ‘smaller larger team’ which would be by no means certain to put him in a better place than he is now!
    And ‘£6 million’…? !!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1. Abrahams will go to Wolves.
    2. If Maupay wants to move to AV (doubtful)he will cost a lot than they can afford.
    3. AV will still need to sort out the defence a problem for 3years.

  • “Kerching “you brummies certainly like a Bees player (cheer up Harlee Dean oh what can it mean etc etc) 25 mill and counting.

  • to our panicking bees cousins, if you read what Mr Field has written, it’s an article written by one of your rag papers from the capital we all hate north of Watford.
    No we couldn’t, even if we wanted to , could pay 6 million with the FFP rules hanging over us,(which i agreed 6
    million is a laughable Fee).
    Put your Big boy pants back in your Draws and calm down ladies.
    Good look for the season anyways.

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