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A Disaster On Friday Could Spell The End For This Very Popular Manager

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Following on from 39 Points From 34 Games – It Isn’t If, It Is When, For This Aston Villa Fan in the forum debate on our manager, a few more waded in with their hopes, fears and what they believe is happening.

Ironside said:

I’d agree with much of what you say eltoro and the stats you provide are compelling and persuasive.

Perhaps Smith is failing to get the best out of an excellent squad but I would also question the make up of that squad.

We’ve stockpiled wingers but ignored a weakness in midfield in my opinion. The ease with which opposition teams cruise through our midfield and down our flanks suggests a shortcoming in the centre of our team.

Full backs or wingbacks isolated against attacking players betrays either a lack of organisation, a lack of tactical awareness or a shortfall in quality in midfield. The midfield is the engine room, to employ a cliche, and ours is firing on only one cylinder and that is when McGinn is on song.

Just my view and many will disagree.

And Gordonsleftboot (which I think is a great username!) added:

That’s the bit that makes me worry. Arguably our best player is McGinn who was here before Smith. We are waiting for the kids? None of them signed by Dean Smith. So what is the result of the £300m?

However if the pressure is on Smith, then why does Lange get a ‘get out of jail free’ card?

The squad is unbalanced with more wingers, who don’t get picked, than central midfielders where our main weakness is. And we don’t have a pattern of play, are so slow its embarrassing and lack creativity all over the pitch.

To answer your question, I think a disaster on Friday and he is gone, due to the availability of a 2 week pause. Any other result and he stays until we stop averaging a goal or more a game over a 3 game period. Even our stato’s can monitor that one, but I also wonder what more they add?


All a bit depressing really isn’t it? I think most have a lot more patience for Dean Smith because not only did he get us up and keep us up, but he IS one of us. But how long will the owners and CEO be prepared to allow this sort of form? Not long one would imagine.

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