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A Eulogy To Club Legend Ron Saunders As He Is Laid To Rest


I’m proud to say that Dennis Mortimer, having read my book and enjoyed my poems, asked me to write one for him to read out at Ron Saunders funeral today.  Total honour, quite daunting, but pleased I was able to do it, hopefully I’ve done Ron justice.

And you can see my latest blog:

Ron Saunders
The manager of all managers
A legend of our time
He brought the Villa everything
We really touched the sky

Ron Saunders
A man amongst all men
If you did what he asked of you
He’d move heaven and earth to help
If you didn’t stop and listen though
He’d have you out or shout!

Ron Saunders
When he returned to wave to us, v the Blades, a happy day
He looked up to the Holte End, with a tear in his eye, then gave us a knowing smile
Because he could see what he still meant to us
And that will never die
Our best ever manager, no competition, by a country mile.

Because Ron Saunders
Was the manager of all managers,
A man above all men
He brought the Villa family everything
Of that, there is no doubt
And that is why, with reverence and pride
his name we all still shout

So Ron Saunders
The Villa family send their love
The Villa family say goodbye
Ron Saunders, OUR manager and legend
Now a beloved Holteender in the sky

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