Date: 9th May 2009 at 5:59pm
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Martin O’Neill has described our encounter with Fulham as an entertaining game, yet one of two halves.

Speaking on the official site after the ridiculous result O’Neill concentrated on the contrast of performance between the first and second halves stating that we could’ve easily gone in at halftime leading the game.

‘It was an entertaining game and we could have easily gone in leading at half time. But the overall picture wasn’t rosy.

‘The two halves were day and night. Second-half I think we were very poor. I wouldn’t have said that in the first-half as going forward I thought we were excellent.

‘I think our issue in the second half was that we didn’t play well enough. We didn’t test the goalkeeper and Fulham deserved to win from their second-half performance.

‘We’ve come here, we are playing away from home, we’ve had plenty of possession of the ball and tried to make use of it. But by our own standards it was a desperately poor second half.’

Wasn’t much of a first half either if we were entertaining in attack, when you consider the stats say in the entire 92 minutes we had two shots on target!

It’s good to hear him say we were poor as a team though, it was certainly very poor to remove both fullbacks again and God only knows who was meant to be right back between Milner and Reo, I’m not sure even they knew given how they swopped positions every 20 seconds.

I’m really passed repeating myself, so sod it. Let’s be positive, Everton didn’t win.


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  • You could argue that we actually gained a point today, on Everton at least, as they dropped two points whilst we only dropped one point.

  • Petrov worked his socks off and was trying to get the rest of the team invoved. Carew, Gabby, Hexky looked miles off the pace. Luke Young, Curtis and Zat, apart from the goals obviously did their job but were slow getting the ball out. Ash also ran his socks off. Barry was anonymous…dreaming of cold nights in with StevieG??? In all we looked knackered…the mate I went with who’s a Fulham fan agreed. So unless we stock up with fresh faces ready for next year, it’s gonna be the same again – whatever these boys are paid, they can’t run on empty and I’m sure they’re still ramdonly tested for ‘extra strength Lucozade’ so no extra help there! And we still out sung the Fulham fans…! Nice place though!

  • Albanista, you got some wierd logic goiin’ on there man… Are you an Economist? Downing Street financial advisor???

  • Sorry about the 3rd entry in a row here, but you hear Hodgson today say if Fulham get into Europe he’ll play a weakened team? Don’t blame him. 19 GAMES TO GET TO THE EUROPA CUP FINAL – HALF A DOMESTIC SEASON!!! – BIGGEST JOKE UEFA HAVE EVER COME UP WITH. We’re gonna need a squad of 50! UEFA trimmed the CL down to avoid this now they’re doing it all over again? *****s.

  • ljkal, I was under the impression that I was employing a logic patented by M. O’Neill. I’m rather surprised he didn’t come out with this line himself today.

  • The 2nd half today was the worst I’ve ever seen. It was like watching sunday league. The ‘tired’ excuse is utter bull*****, they are professional footballers who play FOOTBALL once a week for a living. The fact that Villa fans started fighting Villa fans made it all the more painful, and the boos at the end were just a disgrace. I’m at a loss.

  • Sooner the season end the better, consolidation is what we have, but it could have been so much more, this full backs malarkey is really bizarre, i thought this MON guy was some sort of genius?

  • Sooner the season end the better, consolidation is what we have, but it could have been so much more, this full backs malarkey is really bizarre, i thought this MON guy was some sort of genius?

  • Alba, then MON is also relying on spin! Olof (I always thought he was called Olaf?), no matter what they earn, their job doesn’t purely mean 90 minutes running around – it’s a physical limitation of us humans… IT IS a factor, like it or not, blame the squad size if you want. I missed the fighinting at the end, thank McGrath, but in the neutral end there was a bit of a funny atmosphere between the Villa fans at half time there that wasn’t nice… I ain’t suprised it ended so shamefully, lightweights *****ed up on the train down perhaps???

  • 1 win in the last 2 games and we got more points than last season. Progress! 2 wns and we are 5th – progress! Compete with the top 4, you have got to be deluded to think any team can without building for 4 ot 5 years. Even stinky arsenal are 17% better than us by points (liverpool 37%). To be in the top 2 of the rest is excellent especially 2 years running. Lets look to narrow the gap next season. Crap 2009 though!

  • You Villains will get European football next year. Job done. But the foot appears to be off the gas now. Coasting is it…

  • “‘I think our issue in the second half was that we didn’t play well enough” Wow, ingenious, I would never have thought of that!

  • Lets not forget Fulham are on a awesome run, beating manure on the way and they are desperate for european football for the 1st time. It means so much more to them than us. We can either finish 5th or 6th guarenteed so its not the end of the world. Our lads are planning they’re holidays already. Fair play to Fulham and i wish them all the best in they’re quest to beat spuds/WHAM/citeh to that 7th place. As for the villa, we need some serious talent to replace Barry/Laursen and im sure MON knows it. Anything to shut certain moaning/booing “fans” up. Disgrace to our wonderful club

  • ljkal, I make you almost right. But it’s not exactly spin from O’Neill. It’s more that he doesn’t have a clue…

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