Date: 10th June 2018 at 6:04pm
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I’ve discussed God intervening, now for a slightly different and just as valid angle.

Just where is Xia?

There is meant to be a board meeting tomorrow and he will be nowhere to be seen. It is suggested he will be available on the phone (!) and Villa employee Rongtian He, who has become Xia’s executive assistant, will step into the breach. You can read about Rongtian and his interesting story here in the Brum Mail

The Birmingham Mail says of the meeting; Xia has called a board meeting for tomorrow which will take place in London. He won’t be there, as he remains in China, but technical director Steve Round, chief commercial officer Luke Organ, director Tracy Gu and executive assistant Rongtian He will be, while the chairman joins in via a conference call.

This tweet suggests it might just have been ever so slightly important that the owner is at the club leading.

A good man and Villa fan through and through, Bozzy, agrees:

I understand in this modern world where communication is simpler than ever, you don’t have to be at every meeting and can do things via conference calls, but this is a crisis meeting, this is about finding a way forward for our club.

I found Xia’s tweet after two weeks whingy and silly.  A few stuck up for him, I certainly didn’t.

I know it looks harsh, but instead of going silent, then slowly pointing the finger of blame elsewhere, he should have been over here and leading the line, assuring staff and communicating properly (when proper communication was possible) with the lifeblood of this club, us fans. Instead, he was back to China and silent.

That, ladies and gentlemen of the claret and blue persuasion, is not a leader, a Villan or a businessman.

A worrying take on it from Supa China News… not saying it is any more accurate than any other of the reports flying around, but it is an interesting read.

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Oh and my take on this troubling situation:

I’m off for an op on my kidney stones tomorrow, I bet that will be less painful than seeing what is going on at Aston Villa.

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