Date: 4th April 2006 at 6:08pm
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Has it not been said on numerous occasions now that these two men love Aston Villa FC and in fact love it even more every day? Apparently they feel the pain and frustration with all of us at what can only be described as an inept and passionless season.

Well I ask you this Mr Ellis and Mr O’Leary, if you really love this club as much as you say you do, and you are really feeling the same pain as us fans, why do you not do us the decent and honest thing and resign your posts before you not only destroy our once great football team but destroy hundreds and thousands of fans dreams and hopes all at the same time?

It dawns on me that you manage to hide your frustrations and pain in a much better and more controlled way than me. I wonder, Mr Ellis, if you yearly bonus cushions this blow and similarly, Mr O’Leary, if your £1m year salary helps you hide yours. In times when our club is struggling so much that we cant afford to keep a player on loan for half a season I imagine you need the comforts this money gives you to recover from all the anger these situations must cause you.

Aston Villa FC has a grand stadium, a wonderful and passionate fan base and an illustrious history. The fans don’t just expect more, they deserve more. As self acclaimed fans you’ll understand this and therefore understand that you are failing in your duties to deliver the fans with what they deserve.

I’ll repeat my call and ask of both of you, if you really truly love this club, please do the best thing you could ever do for it and hand over your jobs to people who are capable of taking steps to putting us back to where we belong and where we can once again be proud of OUR football club.

Aston Villa FC…Prepared…for change hopefully.

By Aronno7


8 Replies to “A Message To Mr Ellis & O’Leary”

  • It’s seems there is now only one man in football who thinks Doug Ellis isn’t holding Aston Villa back?

  • Aye, Jack the lad is right. It’s time to talk about how we can encourage him to leave. A rocket up the bum is my favourite suggestion, aimed at small heath. then again the porno-dwarf seems to be taking lessons off Doug at the moment. Seriously though, th

  • Ellis basks in the glory of his self styled title, ‘Mr Aston Villa’, and over the years his belief that the club is his personal property has grown to the extent that we are confronted with today. He has surrounded himself over the years with yes men, who

  • Seems everyone in the game knows it, even the press and punters have stopped sticking up for Herbert Douglas Ellis.

  • Ellis surrounds himself with yes men that if they tie the line remain in his good books…you mean like DOL running over to salute him when we beat the blues but ignoring us fans by any chance!

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