Date: 20th September 2017 at 10:24am
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Bruce laments the goal ruled out for being offside that was, on replay, shown to be on-side.

He also makes, quite rightly, no excuse for the red card given to the hapless Tommy Elphick. I`d not be surprised if that was the last time we saw him play for us to be honest.

Some are saying Bruce threw the game away with the team selection but to be fair, it worked out v Wigan.

I find it sad how devalued the Cup is now and Bruce talks in his post match interview about how the most important thing is mounting a challenge for promotion. I hate that BUT unfortunately he`s right judging by the pressure already on him, the team and the Club after an indifferent start to the season.

Where there are no excuses though, no matter whose fault it is (manager, coaches, players, all of them), is the lack of quality crosses or passes to our strikers. We had £27million worth of strikers up front once McCormack came on last night. How many balls were supplied to them?

Do they need supply, can`t they do it on their own?

No, they aren`t Benteke or Kodjia type players, we all knew that (right?) when we bought them. The Kodjia’s of the world can make their own goals, many (most?) strikers have to have the ball supplied and then they convert them. It`s not rocket science this game so I`m slightly baffled why we seem to try to make it so.

Lets make no mistakes here, goal ruled out unfairly or not, we were poor in the first half and got worse in the second half. What on earth do they do at half time to make the team come out so poorly? This happens in so many games that it`s a major problem.

Many of us joke at Villa Park about the fact we only seem to be able to play 45 minutes and we wonder ‘what that the good or bad half’. Well, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

All eyes on Saturday now, get a league win and resting so many players for that will look like the right decision. The Cup games used to be fun, only 11 197 turned up last night, those who stayed away were probably the wise ones to be fair. It was dour at best.

Bruce pointed out after the game the plus point to the Cup was bringing the youth through, I half agree. Yes, good to see some break through and I hope they don`t get blocked from the main team if they are good enough BUT winning is a habit, not losing to an almost 3rd team fielded by Boro.

Value for money? At £15 a ticket? Zero. It should be a fiver in for all and kids for a quid AND the Club should spell out that it simply isn`t a priority. We used to compete and try to win things. Those days appear dead at the moment. We didn`t even get the majority of the possession, at home but then if you play hit it and hope football you won`t really will you?


We go again.

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3 Replies to “A Miserable Cup Night – Hit & Hope Doesn’t Work”

  • Agree except hit and hope.. I though passed far too slowly, sideways and backwards and didn’t get the ball forward quickly enough. Youngsters impressed, especially O’Hare. So disappointed with Biki.. Elphick looked slow ( not enough football) bit being de

  • Please never use the words “we go again” erm….again. I get some terribly bad flashbacks when those words crop up.

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