Date: 19th May 2006 at 10:57am
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Well, the cost cutting just keeps on going. Just how deep a crisis are Villa in? Big enough to really tempt Doug Ellis to sell? Could be, but we need full scale approaches from people with money first! The annual accounts should certainly be interesting!

Vital Villa already reported that club doctors Phil Bickley and Peter Giddings have fallen victim to the cut backs, now we learn that two part time masseurs and a weight training instructor have also felt the axe of Doug.

Now a David O’Leary ally and our chief scout, Ian Broomfield, is set to move to Portsmouth to fulfil a similar role. O’Leary said, when he brought Broomfield to Villa, that he was ‘one of the best in the country’ and reports suggest he has become frustrated by trying to scout for players when Doug isn’t in the market to buy! However criticism is also growing with the players he has recommended such as the Djemba twins and Mathieu Berson.

Apparenty O’Leary is now looking for a replacement, quite why is anyone’s guess, lets just hope he is more used to the bargain end of the market, lets not forget that Thierry Henry wasn’t exactly a household name when he moved to Arsenal, there must be some gems out there, although not many for peanuts (the preferred fee of Doug).


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  • Like I said before, with all the players that pick up injuries, can we afford to ditch the support staff?

  • Who’s this green Giant geezer, ain’t his club site any good cos he’s always on ours! Sorry, getting so frustrating with all he bad news I’m gonna have to give it a miss for a while.

  • I am thinking of applying for the vacancy, as I have seen some quality players in the vetarans league down here, i would draw the line at some of the fatties in my team though

  • Broomfield has to have reached the point of total and utter frustration. What’s the point of recommending new talent, when he knows full well that the club wont follow up on it, because we havent got the cash. Portsmouth reportedly have mega-bucks to spen

  • “criticism is also growing with the players he has recommended such as the Djemba twins and Mathieu Berson.”

    Berson is a decent player but didn’t settle. Djemba was never given a chance….a couple of sub appearances…please…I’d ***** off awol to a

  • Not a good move IMHO. I’d be interested to know how many of the current crop of youngsters that Ian has brought to your club. I’ll certainly not complain if he comes to Pompey.

  • what difference does it make to a scout if a club does or doesnt act on his recommendation? Although if he had a hand in the £13m we wasted last summer he can go now as far as im concerned!

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