Date: 21st July 2018 at 3:42pm
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I’d like to think that us Aston Villa fans are nothing, if not fair.  Now, for all the press talk of Jack Grealish leaving Aston Villa for Tottenham Hotspur, we thought we had better do our civic duty and warn Spurs just what trouble Jack Grealish would cause.

Not that I want to start any scurrilous rumours or anything, but all the good things that people will have seen on the Aston Villa Youtube highlights of Jack have been photoshopped.  And seriously Spurs, don’t fall for the lie that we all sing Super Jack Grealish in our chants, that’s just been dubbed by Villa, we sing ‘Get him off the pitch’.  You hear cheers when he does anything, we are all booing.

£30million for him?  I’d personally take a fiver to get rid of him.  Even his calf muscles aren’t real,  he’s had surgical implants.  Oh and he is bald as a coot, don’t be fooled by his boyish looks on screen, he’s 34 if he’s a day.

I’m clearly not alone when you look at social media, if I was you lot, I’d stick with the revelation that is Onomah.  He was our player of the season by miles last year, we couldn’t get enough of him, to call him world class would be doing the lad a disservice.  More like out of this world.  He made Grealish look like a Sunday League player but actually, and honestly Daniel Levvy, he’s not even the quality for Sunday League.

Grealish could play for England?  You’re having a laugh, he’d not even get in the San Marino squad.

Nope, as all the proof below shows – and none of these are lies, honest, you are much better moving on and leaving Super Jack (whoops, nearly gave it away) with us.

So there you go Spurs, you have been warned. Clear off!

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