Date: 21st November 2009 at 8:33pm
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In his after match verdict Monny believes that the draw today was the right result given our second half performance.

I could maybe understand that if he’d said second, second half performance – fourth quarter style – because we only really got going after about 65 plus minutes and to be honest, even then I’m being generous.

If I’m fair about it, given how we played Burnley were absolutely mugged.

Speaking on the official site after Heskey literally got us out of jail, the manager said:

‘We were stodgy in the first half and we had no reason to be.’

Stodgy is a very good word for what was a truly horrendous performance. He goes on to comment that there was no reason for confidence to be low after the Bolton match and I doubt anyone could disagree with that.

I’ll just however be free to question why a winning team, that actually played some decent football was changed. We all knew it would be but that doesn’t make it sensible.

Weather conditions, even the change of some personnel etc cannot explain why so many of our players failed to do so many basic things. Passing, control…..HOOF!

‘They got the goal – not the best goal from our viewpoint, and it knocked us back a little bit.’

And if Bikey could finish we could’ve easily been on the end of a 3-4 nil thumping. Again our midfield gave our defence absolutely no cover during the game and going forward I struggle to understand how 6 players ahead of the defence can be so static.

At points it was like nobody wanted the ball, and when it did come to them they just kicked it as far as they could as quick as they could. The polar opposite of how we have shown we can play.

‘Overall, I felt the point was well merited.’

I’ll politely disagree and allow others to talk about Top 4 and let that gloss over the type of performance us fans have been expected to sit through far too often in the last two years.

For me there’s a subtle difference between the occasional picking up of a point or three on a truly bad at the office, and truly bad days at the office being the norm where you pick up points.

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