Date: 31st August 2007 at 6:52pm
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With the window nearly closed an although its not impossible, I’d doubt O’Neill will add more either way, but if he did I wouldn’t be surprised, lets assess the new transfers.

First off we needed a driving force in midfield, someone able to do the job Gavin McCann has for some seasons but better and in Nigel Reo-Coker for 8 million O’Neill’s achieved that. OK he may be on many a West Ham’s fan hit list and still young to be saying he’s a proven article but he does the job the advert asked.

Next came Martin Harewood who although not the prettiest footballer you’ll see is a big and was a fast bustling centre forward. Ideally cast in the O’Neill mould he offers an option missing from the young strikers we have in addition to Carew, albeit far from a 20 goal guaranteed a season man and another many West Ham fans blame for their near miss with relegation, but still likely to offer options so badly missed last season

Then came Scott Carson, and I have to be careful here because those who look back on my previous posts will see I rate this bloke and had said he was part of a deal agreed some time back with Liverpool. Whether we needed him, whether upsetting Sorensen is a gain I know not, but we needed keeper cover anyone who saw last season appreciates that so job done. Would be nice if we had bought him mind but with O’Neill’s lack of scouting knowledge in Europe, something the General says is being addressed good loan deal.

Next came Zat Knight, a local lad keen Villa fan, and someone I have an insight into as I have a close friend who coached at Luton. We all know with Ridgewell gone and Cahill’s inexperience, Laursen’s susceptibility to injuries and Mellberg’s sometimes indifferent form of late cover at centre back was needed, I remember putting it top of my initial must have list. Well he’s that is ZAT. Big lad, quick on the ground, good in the air, which O’Neill likes, not a top International class CB, but often thought likely to be one, at 3 million not a bad buy, I just wonder……

Today we got Curtis Davies from our friends in the black Country only on loan mind, not a real deal, he despite all the suggestions can still go back or somewhere come May. Another tall commanding centre rumoured to have some ability on the ground and but for Zat I’d say an ideal replacement or partner for Laursen. Again not a proven Premiership player, he probably has less Premiership games than Cahill, but he’s tall and he commands and he was quick.

All in all decent business by O’Neill, nothing spectacular, nothing other than workmanlike players some with the potential to be far better, well in line with his past transfer trends.

I’m sure he’s a happy man, nearly every position now has a player in it he can say is his man, every one of them all keen to fight for the cause and give 100%

He has real options across the field except in 2 positions and every player there are his picks, so from Martin O’Neill’s view I’d say well done, not spent hugely, got players where he needs them, nearly, and improved the squad quality and strength, what more could he want 😉


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  • there you go, just like a bus, you wait an hour for one and two turn up at once. Not that I use public transport you understand, perish the thought! (shudders)!

  • JF..i was expecting your comment as i have no doubt you are still miffed at the lack of right back (johnson and Rossenior seem to have gone so thats that buggered) however i happen to agree that the players he has brought in will improve the squad, but (and god forbid i should agree with you) i don’t think, apart from Reo Coker, they have improved the first 11. Oh well, lets just hope MON really is the brilliant manager we all thought he was when he took the job and we still get into a UEFA cup spot by end of season…UTV

  • Kuffit, MON is an experienced manager, I’m a berk, so I think we are in safer hands with him! This was written by avfc48 but I agree with you and others, the quality has improved, just not sure we needed to sell this summer as there were no financial pressures to do so, we needed more bodies and let some players go who weren’t world beaters but could have done a job as and when required. Still, looking forward to the transfer window closing and for the football to really get going. Christmas will be the right time to be looking at the league and seeing where we stand !

  • It’s been confirmed on the main site Moustapha Salifou has signed for a nominal fee.Plays for Toga!?!..

  • AVFC48 – sorry you are wrong on Curtis Davies. The loan is irrevocable. The deal cannot be undone next May, the loan is only a device to save the Baggies tax on high income due to their many sales this month.

  • A well balanced assessment avfc48 as I would expect from you. So what about Salifou!!! I think we will all have to wait and see but must be a replacement for Eric so he can’t be any worse – can he?

  • well gordonsleftboot, if I’M wrong then Martin O’Neill is telling lies when in the Davis interview he said if everything goes all right in the season we have the option to buy him permanently if not we’ll see. he also put in several stutters, word changes as he does so well but that was the gist

  • I think he’s been brought in to replace Petrov pongo, all the other midfield players offer something

  • What about if Curtis wants to Join another club in May? – we can’t say “sorry curtis we have first option on you” – well we can – but you would be spending £9m on a players who doesn’t want to come.
    Of all the players WBA have sold this summer – this deal was the one WBA wanted to save tax on ? – Strange that ? – Why didn’t we buy Carson ? – wait weve just signed a bloke from Togo – OH its for a nominal fee – what a surprise. HOW TO BUY BIG WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MONEY – AUTHOR R.Lerner

  • the guy from togo – salifou – was pretty good at the world cup and has had some big wraps, in particular from the french. think there just has not been a settler for him. MON will be this. a bit of african flavour at the club will be great – forget the djembas. just because he isn’t a name means diddly squat, look at petrov blonde streaks (very funny by the way hoss the villain) , he hasn’t done a lot! so lets see what happens with this guy. he is only 24, and a possible gem?

  • Salifou is apparently an extremely talented playmaker, the called him the next Zidane at Brest. He moved to switzerland to try and get recognised in European competition, but he has never settled well (Drogba ????) maybe this is the chance. Curtis is ours, the tax reasons are right, with their second parachute money, £27m from sales and TV money WBA would have to pay a hefty corporate tax bill, as they are a PLC, O’Niell is hardly going to say on TV that he is helping them beat the taxman is he, its just a loophole, they did it with Manure for Kuzcack or however you spell it. And if Petrovs hair is so well balanced, why don’t they shave it off and glue it to his feet ????

  • Well scripted article ’48. Personally I think the summers batch of signings complement nicely the old guard that remain at the club, and we find ourselves now with a reasonably strong squad, certainly a considerably better group of players than those inherited by MON. Anyhow, for those not happy, January is not all that far away, and the circus will begin all over again.

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