Date: 9th August 2018 at 5:02pm
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Various pieces have been doing the rounds about Jack Grealish’s alleged unhappiness that Aston Villa have slapped a ‘not for sale’ sign on his head.

Plenty of outlets have speculated, without much of a foundation other than ‘sources close to’, that Jack had set his heart on a move to Tottenham Hotspur this window and was incredibly frustrated that the deal hadn’t already gone through.

Didn’t look like it on Monday, as an aside.

With reports restating the not for sale angle in recent days, the press went into hyperdrive about Jack’s disappointment at being denied his dream move away from his boyhood club and even JF got in on the speculation earlier today, tweeted a 100% guaranteed not to be true piece of outsider information.

One story, in particular, gained attention yesterday though.

It wasn’t a hatchet job as is usually common, so it was a fresh take on recent rumours. An earlier piece wasn’t well received though.

Those who know me, know I don’t know Twitter that well. Plenty were soothed by the tweet and the message it sent, and today’s things stepped up a gear with another ‘Kev’ taking to social media.

Absolutely no guarantees on the authenticity, I’m not in a position to provide that but it would be an incredibly long-winded way of making a joke. But some people do have that kind of time on their hands!

If it is fair play – I’m just bringing it to people’s attentions in case it’s true – admitting talks with other clubs were held was a nice selling point in that case.

JF wanted to add.

We aren’t 100% sure it is his dad but the photo is certainly Kevin, met him at corporate once. He was talking to a friend of mine about the Grealish social media haters. I stroll up and say I hate him as well. His dad looked aghast. But when I explained he had too much hair (took my hat off to show my bald bonce) and I’ve trained my legs for 20 years and am jealous of the calf muscles Jack has, he realised I was being tongue in cheek!

Make your own minds up, but as I type the transfer window has just shut so all eyes to late breaking deals.

Fingers crossed.

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