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A re-cap on what we ‘know’ so far with the Jack Grealish situation.

Image for A re-cap on what we ‘know’ so far with the Jack Grealish situation.

As the Jack Grealish saga rumbles on, as the press make their clickbait fortunes ‘forcing’ a move, and as us fans whip ourselves up into a frenzy of ITK (in the know for the unacquainted!) rubbish, Bodybutter in the forum thought he would provide a succinct summary of the situation thus far.

Just to recap what we know so far:

Man Citeh have made a £100m bid for Jack.
Citeh haven’t made a bid yet but have asked Jack to hand in a transfer request so that they can bid less.
Citeh have triggered Jack’s £100m buyout clause.
Jack doesn’t have a buyout clause.
Jack is going to sign a new contract at Villa.
Jack is going to sign for Citeh.
Citeh never spend more than £60m on players.
Citeh are going to spend £100m on Jack and £150m on Kane.
Citeh are going to sign both Jack and Kane.
Citeh can’t afford to sign both Jack and Kane.
Citeh want to sign Jack ahead of Kane.
Citeh are using Jack as a negotiating tactic against Spurs.
Citeh aren’t interested in Jack.
Citeh aren’t interested in Kane.
We have spent the Jack money on Buendia, JWP and Bailey.
We spend more than £100m every transfer window.

I hope that clears things up.

In the meantime, we sit and wait, hope that Jack sticks with the fabulous resurrection of Aston Villa and gets some winners medals in the claret and blue.  One way or the other, I do hope the situation is brought to a head this week so the planning for the new season can continue without this distraction.

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