Date: 26th October 2006 at 9:51am
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Aston Villa have been drawn away to Chelsea which could virtually guarantee the clash will be televised! Lets hope so, Chelsea charge something like £10 000 a ticket down at Stamford Bridge.

Still, this is the cup, there is no reason we can’t go and give it our all and win, especially if Chelsea don’t take the cup seriously. Must admit, it was the one tie I wouldn’t have wanted though, was hoping for a home game!

Chelsea beat Blackburn in the 3rd round, Villa beat Leicester City in the last few minutes of extra time.

Ties to be played week commencing November 6th.

Notts County v Wycombe Wanderers
Tottenham Hotspur v Port Vale
Birmingham City v Liverpool
Chelsea v Aston Villa
Watford v Newcastle United
Chesterfield v Charlton
Southend United v Manchester United
Everton v Arsenal

The date has now been set for Wednesday 8th November, kick-off 7.45pm.

Ticket prices will be discounted in line with Chelsea’s cup game policy. Phew, just £900 per ticket then!


30 Replies to “A (Stamford) Bridge Too Far?”

  • Chelsea official site says they’ve been drawn against Villa who ‘ knocked us out of the competition three years ago, during the last season under Claudio Ranieri. That game was at Villa Park. Chelsea were more successful in 1998, winning a League Cup tie

  • ‘Chelsea don’t take the cup seriously’. Would that be the reason why they nominated such a strong team last night and José said that he had every intention of winning a cup that was crucial on the way to lifting our Premiership trophy in 2005?
    Dream on,

  • IF Chelsea don’t take it seriously, IF IF IF. Read what I put. For a few years the ‘top’ teams haven’t always taken it seriously in fact they’ve done a good deal to make a joke of it, I hope that is changing again now but it is just unfortunate that in

  • Hark at the new money speaking by the way, brushing us aside? Didn’t do that in the league did you? The arrogance of new money knows no bounds really does it?

  • Hmm, who is calling who arrogant? I mean you say that there is no reason why your lot can’t go on and win it. I’d say that there is a huge reason why you might not go on and win it, and that reason is the best team in the land today.
    P.S. if you’re pla

  • The Fear said there’s no reason why we can’t go and give it our all and win (the game). Who could seriously argue with that. It’s a one off cup game and anything can happen. We’ve already shown how difficult we are to beat this season! And as for being br

  • Dear Gordonsleftboot, congratulations on an original thought. Of course, the fact that my father was going to Chelsea in the late 1950s and took me to games in the early 1980s when the ground and team were appalling should not in any way alter your stere

  • weve done it once before…angel skip past 2 and belt it in from 25 yards (again). Lucky its only over 1 leg and no replay it could maybe maybe maybe work in our favour. Euroblue we dont about what you think, go away

  • EuroBlue it must be nice to be on a site that has people posting on it, I did look on the Chelsea site this morning to see the reaction of the Chelsea Vital Members to getting drawn against Villa in the cup, I did notice it was a little slow, your always

  • Weve done it once before it can be done…Angel to skip past 2 and bury it from 25 yards again (again). Lucky its not over 2 legs and no reply, it can only work in our favour Chelsea dont have 2 ‘off’ days. Euroblue congratulations on supporting Chelsea

  • Thanks for the offer, col8. Since I’m already a site contributor for Vitalschelsea, I’ll pass it up though. Let’s face it: at the Chelsea site I’m paid shedloads and you couldn’t possibly afford me.

  • lol, like that response. I’m sure the longer standing Chelsea fans can’t stand the new chelski lot who I’m sure tell everyone they were there in the 1900’s !!

  • I’m sure every forum has a member, who all the other members are embarrased by. I’m only guessing but I think EuroBlue could be the Chelsea member who the other Chelsea members think “Oh god, just put a sock in it”

  • Well if we meet Manure in the next round then maybe we will be playing the best team in the land today… look at the Premiership table.

  • One piece of good news is that Chelsea have a policy of pricing domestic cup games cheaply at £25 so you won’t have to pay to much to come to ours.

  • we got a chance we deserved a point when we played, they will have a different squad out for the cup and pay the price for it!

  • You lot looked pretty good at the Bridge on your recent visit, but I think we are now beginning to play some better football. Robben has hit his stride and Joe Cole is back, should be a good game, but I know what outcome I would bet on!

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