Date: 4th May 2009 at 3:24pm
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I’ve got to be careful what I say about the manager here because apparently I’ve had too many ‘digs’ recently… I can’t see them myself but maybe I’m just shovel blind or something!?

Anyway, our lord and master (is that a positive or negative comment??!!… gulp) Martin O’Neill says the recent results have hidden some decent performances recently.

He said, ahead of our crucial clash v Hull tonight which will see us rise back to 5th place and above Everton:

‘We played brilliantly in three of the last four games. We were excellent against Manchester United, Everton and West Ham. But we didn’t win any of the games. So you could say there is a thin dividing line. Just look at the Champions League semi-final first leg between Manchester United and Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s men will feel they are well in the competition because they weren’t put to the sword. They are in with a chance when they could have been 3-0 down.’

Adding on the official site that he doesn’t see the poor form but accepts ‘we haven’t been able to pick up the results we’ve wanted but in the past few games we have been fantastic.’

He also says all the team can do is keep on keeping in and eventually the win will come…. Don’t know about eventually, the win WILL come tonight… IT WILL..!

‘We haven’t won in nine games but we are fifth in the league. That goes to show what kind of season we were having up until then. Where we finish will determine everything. I accept that over 38 games, where you end up is where you deserve to be. Overall, if we finish fifth, that will show an improvement. That’s important.’

5th would be an improvement and not only that, it would surely help raise our profile and help us attract some ‘big’ names in the summer? This would be the first time in a decade that Villa will have qualified automatically for Europe, despite the question mark over cup competitions this season, this has to be seen as a building block and hopefully the same ‘decisions’ won’t be made next time around and we might be able to increase the squad in the summer so we can put up a more sustained assault on the top four?

There, I think that is fairly positive… you see, I do try! :o)

As I’ve said many times, what I love about Villa these days is that we are all back to talking and arguing about players, managers, tactics, games and substitutions, we’ve got the right people steering the good ship Villa and the politics are gone, now it is just football talk, optimistic or pessimistic, this is how things should be at a football club.



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  • Trouble is, when you win it is positive, when you lose it isn’t? It is a difficult balance mate. I am not a happy clapper at the best of times, I tend to play devils advocate when writing and maybe for some it has come over as negative. I have to admit just from a personal point of view Moscow was one of the lowest moments I can remember as a Villa fan – and that includes all the awful Ellis protests etc.. so maybe that has stuck with me too much…!? I will however right a thousand lines ‘I must do better and be more positive’ and hopefully all will be well again after a) a resounding win today b) the new season where it all starts again!

    I’m not sure of MON and do wish I’d got the undying confidence of some. I want him to have 5 years to show us what he can do but I do remain on the fence. I SO want him to be the messiah that some see and I would think finishing 5th wouldn’t be a bad step really!

  • By the way, I’m sure all users and defo me are ALWAYS behind the players when they are on the field of play. You listen out for the nutter banging the boardings in the Trinity Road today right by the manager. That’ll be me!!!!! I hate the booing crap and do wish that would all stop!

  • (I’m actually just bitter, I applied for the job to Ellis and didn’t get a reply….! No, seriously, I sent in a great application, wish I’d kept it, actually it might be in the archives of this site when we get them back up online. I asked for just £50 000 a year, steel toed boots to kick the players up their arse and some cotton wool for my ears so I could nod at Ellis and smile without actually hearing what he was saying. Amazing I didn’t at the very least get an interview! :o)

  • Is it me, or is O’Neill setting himself up for a fall by saying that fifth would be an improvement, that it’s important to finish fifth, etc.? For my money, there’s only one team who’s going to finish 5th, and it ain’t us. What happens when we finish 6th, with a lower points haul than last season? That, demonstrably, isn’t improvement. Will O’Neill fall on his sword? Could this be exciting times for Villa again??

  • Automatic qualification for Europe is now in the bag – is that progress Albarnista?

  • Must admit back to back European qualifications + this time automatic quali has to be seen as progress doesn’t it Albarnista? I really hope they get 5th, mostly for us fans but also for the effort the players have put in this season.

  • Mr Fear, European qualification could be considered a yardstick for succes if it wasn’t for O’Neill’s Moscow scandal. YatseyVillain, we made progress when we found ourselves in a position where we could only thro away Champion’s League qualification. Since then, all the progress made has been lost, we’re no better off than we were at the end of last season, and come the beginning of next season, we’ll be worse off than we were at the start of this one. Barry gone, Laursen gone, who knows who else gone, and does anyone have any confidence in O’Neill bringing in quality players? If we sign six players, one of them might be genuinely good. But the biggest thing I’ve learned from this season is that O’Neill doesn’t have the mentality to succeed at the highest level. He was great for Leicester, and did very well for Celtic, but with all due respect to Celtic, in the grand scheme of things, they are a middling (at best) European club. We had a nucleus of players, an owner, and the fanbase to become a Champion’s League club. We just didn’t have a manager capable of taking advantage of the resources available to him. Now our chance has been and gone. That cannot possibly be progress, no matter how you spin it.

  • Oh my god, are you 4 real Albarnista, yes Mon made a mistake with Moscow but move on you wind bag, most of his signings have been very good signings, not all but what manager doesnt buy a bad player even sir Alex makes mistakes the djemba twins. Answer me one question honestly how many games do u go 2 and have u ever played football urself. ( ok 2 questions )

  • Oh nice to see you back on track Fear with being more positive, the future is still bright just gonna take a bit more time. UP THE VILLA

  • “Mr Fear, European qualification could be considered a yardstick for succes if it wasn’t for O’Neill’s Moscow scandal. YatseyVillain, we made progress when we found ourselves in a position where we could only thro away Champion’s League qualification.” – i’d say it’s progress even being in a position to throw away champions league qualification!! Oh and its automatic qualifiaction this time which takes out the early start so a capitulation might not be necessary. O’Neil has been pillioried for Moscow and I’m fairly sure he got the message and won’t be repeating the mistake any time soon.

  • Oh and Albarnista, I’d be interested to know how many games you go to as well, and you must be great at what you do to have never made a mistake.
    Fear, I share your view of needing to be convinced and I disagree with many of MON’s selections but we need to give him time.

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