Date: 20th March 2006 at 6:17pm
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I just thought I would have a poll to see whether or not it would be worth protesting about the current state of Aston Villa? (Poll in the forum, not front page, ed.) Click Here For Poll

At this moment the club is in a crisis. We are a ship without a captain and are in serious trouble.

Off the pitch, we do not know whether Doug Ellis’s reign is coming to an end or not. We do not know who will be in control of the club in the future and while that question is unanswered this club will struggle. Yes, we may be safe this season, but if the current state of affairs continue, doubt will remain and we could be in for a relegation battle. Then where will the club go from there?

Basically I want answers from the club? Is Ellis seriously going to sell the club for the right amount? If he is not, what is his plan to make Aston Villa great again? Is O’Leary going to stay or go? Is he or the new manager going to get significant amounts to buy players? Is our business going to be restructured to resemble a modern day multi million pound business?

These answers need to be answered and I’d like other peoples opinions as to whether a protest or campaign from supporters would help get these answers?

By Matthew Lingard


3 Replies to “A Time For Answers?”

  • My personal opinion is any protest would be doomed to failure because the fans are once again split on who is the main culprit – the manager or the chairman. The club is also supposedly in the hands of merchant bankers Rothschild so the board would be ab

  • I suspect that the reason there’s no news on any takeover is that nothing has happened. Would it not be in Eillis’s interests to try and hype any potential takeover so that share prices rise? I think frustation comes from these little bits of meaningless

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