Date: 31st March 2007 at 1:33pm
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1) So how has your season been, seems you got off to a slow start but are flying now?

its been a ring a ring o’roses season, sometimes things completely fell down and sometimes things haven’t. We’ve had some dire performances like Reading at home/Boro away/and a horror show with Villa at home…….but eventually we got over them setbacks, lost concentration at times with conceding two quick equalisers from Wigan straight after taking the lead each time, but from Wigan away onwards (2-0) we’ve been like a team possessed, the high point was the Goodison win at Arsenal were the Gwladys Street basically collapsed when AJ scored. It shows how far we’ve come when you have fans saying 6th is now not good enough, lets catch 5th!

2) Are the fans all behind David Moyes, seems everytime you go on a losing run he gets it in the neck, not much loyalty shown is there?

The people that slate Moyes during times of difficulty have no scope of what he has done for this club. They are like ungrateful children who forget what has been done for them in the past. Ok we have been a bit of a merry go round team during his tenure – finishing 17th in 03-04, somehow after terrible performances finishing 11th last year……and yes we have been thrashed a few times (5-0 vs City away last game of 03-04,7-0 vs Arsenal 04-05 when we came 4th, 4-0 by Bolton and Villa and WBA last year).

We have also had good stable seasons however, first few months he saved us from relegation, next season missed out on Uefa cup on the last day with a dubious penalty awarded to Man Utd after we took the lead……….and he got us into the Champions League – although some of his critics would say he looks out of his depth at managing a team in European competition – this did look evident when we were thrashed 5-1 by Bucharest. What these ungrateful loons say is yes Moyesy has set the foundations with signing of players like Yobo, Arteta, Fernandes, Lescott all for not too much money – but can he propel us to the next level?This is further frustrated by when it appears he does not want to take us to the next level when showing a lack of ambition by substituting a forward for a defender when getting beat 2-1 at home by Spurs. He’s one of those managers really, you either love him or you hate him. I love him and have consistently supported Pat Nevin’s endorsement that him and Mourihno are the most tactically astute managers in the Premier League. He’s won LMA manager of the year twice and I can see further success to come.

3) Where do you think Everton should be in the league and what can a club your size realistically achieve?

A club of Everton’s History and past stature should be top 3.Simple as that. Right now that’s unrealistic, we need investment desperately and with clubs as low as Pompey getting it, I think Thespian Bill is doing an arse of a job. Without investment we’ll be playing out to win the ‘mini league’ of us,Villa,Spurs,Barcodes and Boro.

4) What do you think of the council asking Liverpool and Everton to share a stadium? It would never happen in Birmingham for Blues and Villa, but you lot are a bit friendlier aren’t you?

Its used to be a ‘friendly’ rivalry – other fans from the outside looking in will remember the 1986/9 FA cup finals were both sets of supporters travelled down, drank in pubs and sat together. Many fans did say though at the 89 final that this trend was starting to wane though, basically because of bitterness on Evertonians part over Heysel not allowing us to participate in the European cup at the time were we had the greatest ever team in our history, had just won the CWC (a hallmark to win the European Cup) and with the quality of teams winning the EC on a downturn post 85 I reckon we may have won it……..instead we get ignorant Liverpudlians wearing 4 scarf’s in summer giving us the 5 times fingered gesture in ignorance that WE NEVER HAD OUR CHANCE. Even the local paper loves them, we sign a new player and they have a player injured………..what gets the big page spread? Igor Biscan being injured – how awful…….there wasn’t even an interview with our new signing. We qualify for the Champions League – and the ‘Echo’ talks about how Liverpool failed to do so rather than our amazing efforts to get in in the first place. Some papers even argued giving them the trophy holders the place in the CL INSTEAD of us.Cheeky sods. Now I have to cope with all these whoppers giving me the ‘5 times’ who NEVER go the fricking game and give me the ‘can’t get a ticket’ rubbish. I genuinely do not know a Liverpool fan who goes EVERY game home and away – As I and all my mates do for Everton………as Moyesy said go into the streets on Liverpool and find the REAL FOOTBALLER ENTHUSIASTS and they will support Everton – not gloryhunting non-interested ‘fans’ who don’t pay the game much attention and therefore say they support the kopites because they win everything, because apparently its ‘cool’ to support Liverpool. There support makes me sick with all the fancy dress, out of town ‘wools’ and people from Warwick supporting them (most scousers support Everton believe me) and allegations of bluenose obsession with them – funny how they have loads of flags about us on trips abroad.

To Evertonians they are just so high and mighty – like wanting Bob Paisley to have a POSTHUMOUS knighthood… yes ok, Bob when alive DID deserve one – but he is gone now so giving him one would mean setting a precedent……..that wouldn’t be fair. Funny how Spurs fans have been going on for years about knighting Bill Nic with little success yet when Liverpool make a suggestion of a knighthood the earth moves and a policy forum is opened up at Buckingham palace. Alls this and the Michael Shields thing has sore the death of the ‘friendly derby’ and contributed to the hatred between the two clubs…..I’d seriously have it alongside Celtic and Rangers……our grounds are literally 2 minutes away from each other unlike Brum and Villa. It annoys me that we applied to the council in 1995 for a site on Stanley Park and were rejected, yet when Liverpool recently applied the council moved the earth (again) for them and browbeat all the local residents into agreeing. Why is it that the Woolyback club (60% ST holders for them are not scouse) is staying in Liverpool and we, the club with the most ‘inner city’ support are moving out and are being goading by the animals with ‘LFC,one love ONE CLUB ONE CITY’. Jesus Christ we were in Walton first and we were in existence first so WE MADE THEIR HISTORY (great chant at Anfield this year) so why the hell are we moving out? To me this will just result in the usual of kids who would’ve been supporting Everton not noticing them any more with Kirkby being so far away its the capital of Kazahstan, the poor kid will probably say ‘daddy, where’s the nearest football team?’ – Liverpool he’ll say because it’ll be in Liverpool and Everton won’t if bellends like Tesco Terry and Uncle Ron Round of Knowsley get their way.

Let me make myself very clear, and I’m sure our horrible Kopite counterparts will say the same – and I mean this………..NEVER EVER would I let the club I love share a stadium and be ‘the tenants’ of those animals.I’d RATHER DIE. Am I clear?

5) Is it true that James Beattie ate all the pies?

He`s pushing 30…….so his market values decreasing by the minute.He`s been walking round the pitch of late sulking when things go wrong. It simply hasn`t happened for him at Everton – which may I add is a great shame for a talented player, but I think he needs to leave.

6) Which player should Villa fear on Monday night?

Manuel Fernandes, He’s basically the Kopites Lovey Dovey over rated Sissoko but much much more. So good defensively but so technically gifted and not afraid to undergo marauding runs forward.

7) Are you as sick as me about the lack of Saturday 3pm kick offs in the Premiership these days? Villa haven’t got a single one left this season.

Yes, most definitely. Nothing worse than going the match thinking you have college/work the next day (Sunday KO) you can’t totally relax, and its a pain in the arse for away fans. However the clubs in the EPL wanted big money, so Sky are paying it and rightfully dictate when the games are transmitted.

8) If you could have one of our players, who would it be?

Garth Barry – in the Everton Mould of having quality but not a fancy dan spice boy, put his foot in and does all the basics well and never gives up and shows the love for his club and the fans.

9) What is your opinion on Villa, Martin O’Neill, Villa Park and the price of eggs?

Lion Eggs are disgusting.At a push I scramble them. I’m surprised that with O’Neills track record he hasn’t done better with yourselves this season, but I respect him and Villa for choosing to blood young kids like Gary Cahill rather than try and rush into success with overpriced delinquents with age arthritis from abroad. I think Villa are similar to us in situation,stature and prospects only you have the big thing of the Investment.

As for Villa Park – a great stadium, Holt End looks very imposing and I wouldn’t like to be an away support mixing with your lot in there! An old stadium that’s been skilfully modified, and a club shop that sells everything including Villa Bike Wheels! Hasn’t been a lucky ground for us over the last few years but for semi finals in the 80’s Evertonians have great memories of your place……credit to Villa btw for being one of the few clubs to show to Everton the respect they deserve by consistently giving us the FULL allocation which many clubs don’t even though we’d sell out easily. By the way I’d rather eat bad eggs than your pies, Sunderland are lovely by the way……..

10) What is your prediction for the game?

I can see Everton walloping The Villa 2-1 with Villa scoring a late consolation, but I can imagine Villa will have the most possession………anything better than last year, the worst boxing day of my life and worst coach journey home ever, will be an improvement.


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  • Time for the hype and excuses to stop. 4 points from the drop. If we don’t win this then on current form I’m afraid we could be headed for the Championship and not Europe! With the noses passing us on the way the embarassment would be agony. MON it’s time to live up to your reputation.

  • do you get the feeling hes not entirely happy with moving in with the red side of scouse land ? anyway sod him we need the points so come on you villa ! just pretend those blue shirts are from the enemy !!

  • I am bloody scared now. We are to close to the drop here. We should never have been down here come on Villa get us to safety.

  • results yesterday certainly did us no favours, as spit-fire says in the forum, our season starts tomorrow night. Gulp.

  • you will have to play well to get point against everton at the moment we are playing some good footy and have a nearly full strength squad

  • our goal difference of +12 tells its own story the BEST outside the top four in the top half of the league

  • I have had a soft spot for Everton and their fans ever since the 77 league cup final. I will never forget the Villa and Everton fans in the greyhound pub together, drinking and singing and then all walking up wembley way together. That’s how footie should be. Having said all that, we need the win tonight so I hope we stuff ’em.

  • pmsl at Jonah.

    Hope its a good game for both teams tonight lads – Villa Park refreshing in that the fans aren’t ****s basically like Chelsea and the barcodes.

  • We turned ’em over on their patch, and if we turn up tonight and actually perform then we are more than capable of completing the double over them. Its time for our lads to stand up and be counted.

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