Date: 5th November 2018 at 11:50am
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I thought this was worthy of a front-page article.

The respect that Aston Villa have always paid to our troops is one thing that always makes me proud and so it was great to read of Jamie Finch, who is a lifelong Villa fan, and how he felt as a serving member of Her Majesties Troops, during the tribute.

As Jamie tweets:

Class by the villa fans, loved every second and having 30000 people Applauding you is rather special. To step onto the pitch of a club I supported since I was a child was a special moment. Thank you.

But I’m sure you all agree, the thanks is all ours – to the troops.

As they say, the thanks is all ours. I don’t care about your political leanings, it’s the politicians who decide where they send the troops and that can be debated all day long, but our troops are there to serve and protect and do that for us all.

Every time the bugle plays it gets me, I noticed a few around me with their eyes watering as well, my dad included (he served in the Marines, as did my granddad in the 2nd world war and great granddad in the 1st).

Just a stunningly poignant sound isn’t it?

Another excellently executed show of respect at Villa Park and I know, up and down the country over the last week.

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