Date: 22nd May 2006 at 2:58pm
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Looks like the proposed move of Aston Villa midfielder Mathieu Berson to Auxerre, where he has been on loan all season, could be on the rocks after the French outfit parted company with their manager Jacques Santini.

His agent, Olivier Jounanneuaux, says:

‘We do not know what will happen now with Auxerre. It depends on the new manager and what he wants to do because Mathieu is on a good salary. We know Aston Villa would like to sell him but we have had no news from them about that. For the moment we do not know what is happening. Nobody is telling us anything. It is not an easy situation. But if he has to go back to Aston Villa, then he will.’

So looks like we might have one more midfielder next season. He always looked decent to me, then again, I’m a sugarbag! He did look head and shoulders above some of our team though, he was able to hold the ball up and did the simple things well.


10 Replies to “A Villa Return For Berson?”

  • There is other deadwood that should be shipped out before we get rid of Berson. Why chase him for so long, then never give him a chance? Seems very strange. DO’L give him a run out please.

  • Berson should get a chance! Apparently, he and DJx2 played together, quite successfully, at Nantes so why haven’t Villa tried them together after chasing them all over hells half acre last summer?–MikeinCanada

  • Yes, we need a cool ball-player! So (by default, perhaps) Doug really does know how to pick the players! 😉

  • It seems to me that everyone except O’Leary, who made him his “number one summer target” to get him to VP, wants Berson played and not sold. Perhaps DOL won’t play him because he’s and arrogant B*****D and doesn’t want to be told what to do by the fans,

  • I think we should keep as there are plenty of other players we can use pay for Milner.

  • He wont be at Villa Park next season. He doesnt want to be here, and DOL doesnt want him here.

  • Have to agree with glensider, I’d like him to be here next season but even if we cant sell him there is no chance DOL will give him a look in so we might as well cash in.

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