Date: 28th January 2018 at 2:37pm
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And we continue in the Villa View series interviewing our former player, coach and manager, the one and only (I feel we need a drum roll here) John Gregory.

Part one: Click Here

Love how he talks about the players telling him to stay up in the stands after a period up there following a ban. I sit by the bench and used to enjoy the banter, but boy oh boy, he didn`t half whistle and shout at the players!

Whistling at the players!

The one day he kept having a go at Southgate who then came over and told him to shut up. Then started on Steve Stone. Stone went passed and swore. John Gregory stepped back, arms folded, I assume to have a little think. I was wondering if he`d bring Stone off. But no, after a minute or two, Steve Stone (he has no hair, but we don`t care!) ran past and JG shouted ‘You`re alright you are Stevie.` Ha. Proper man.

So here it is, the nearly men.

Hilarious about 9 mins 30 seconds in. I`d forgotten about the phone line he`d had put in. No one answered it!!!

Dion on the blower to John Gregory

And onto the finale… The great FA Cup run and then, sadly, ‘that` FA Cup final! JG says “It still haunts me.”

Just image, yet another ‘what if`… if we`d brought in Muzzy Izzet.

And on his departure. “I`ve regretted it ever since. I was a mug.”

Tip top interview by Villa View and great honesty from John.

And a few more gems from John Gregory in what was left following the Villa View comprehensive interview:


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