Date: 29th July 2018 at 9:00am
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With the Championship kick-off only a week away now, Aston Villa wrapped up their pre-season preparations with a 2-1 victory over Dynamo Dresden on Saturday.

A brace of goals from Andre Green certainly lifted spirits in the 90 minutes as we prepare for life under new owners with plenty of work needing to be done behind the scenes after the ‘gamble that went wrong’ and of course from Green’s point of view, he’s having a wonderful pre-season so far given his time on the sidelines last season where big things were expected from him.

One man who didn’t have such a great game was Jed Steer.

The former Norwich City youngster has been waiting patiently for a real chance between the sticks at Aston Villa and plenty of fans were hopeful he’d get just that this season following the FUBAR with Sam Johnstone and it’s not like he hasn’t impressed in his brief appearances for us so far.

So his error was uncharacteristic and personally I doubt he’d have taken that risk had the game actually meant something – but everyone has their own opinion.

Having seen David James and Mark Bosnich in their prime for us I’m inclined to put this down as ‘whoops, don’t do it again lad’ but social media is hardly that forgiving or understanding but I am glad somebody pointed out the defender should’ve been blocking off their attacker.

I’m also glad plenty noticed everyone makes mistakes in the game and refused to go all Jeremy Kyle.

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7 Replies to ““Absolute Shocker” – Some Villa Fans Overreact To One Man’s High Profile Error Against Dresden”

  • I bet those berating him for not putting his foot through it and kicking it anywhere are the same ones that moaned about Gollini putting his foot through it and the ball bouncing off the forward into the net a couple of seasons ago!

  • My main issue with Steer is his poor kicking, mistakes can happen, but goalkicks and freekicks too often go into touch or nowhere near our players

    • A bit like Bosnich……if he turns out anywhere near as good as Bozzy then I’l firgive his poore distibution, just as most of us did with Bozzy.

  • I have watched all of our friendliest and I commented after the first game that Steer was not good enough his distribution is rubbish and his kicking is poor, so after yesterdays howler and the fans are right there was no over reaction, it’s clear to see we have to replace him now, not sure about our new signing he needs to be tested and quickly, just a pity that Johnson wasn’t available when our new investors arrived but that’s water under the bridge now, Talking about new investors it looks like they mean business and I just wish the media would give the Grealish saga a rest and accept that he’s going nowhere. Green looks the part and as someone suggested give him a start at Centre Forward.

    • Because no one has the right to improve! and the only way to do that is play in compeative games. Or do you think brilliant goalkeepers turn up with the stork??!!

  • Having watched the games so far,it’s midfield that’s causing me concerns apart from Grealish
    have yet to seeany midfield player run with the ball at defenders .Landbury is built like Viera
    and has the capacity to be the dominant force,but fades away, whelan is only defensive and
    limited 45 min max. If SB,has a short term crisis it’s striker,not snoddy on loan again, Gardner
    Is another who falls short,. who ever the coach is get it sorted. The goalkeepers and players
    Should have the great Ron Saunders approach two dud games dropped, allthrough the team

  • Not pinning my opinion on that 1 mistake, I’ve just never been impressed by him. He also has a terrible injury record so to rely on him playing the majority of games this season would be ludicrous

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