Date: 19th July 2006 at 4:03pm
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We are led to believe from a reliable source that action could be imminent down in B6 as a board meeting has been called for this afternoon.

We further understand that the meeting will be chaired by Steve Stride who has already received his instructions from Mr Ellis.

As with all things that emanate out of Villa Park these days there remains scope for confusion and rumour but we believe our source for this news is good.

Will we see some sort of resolution to the current Villa Park mess?

Watch this space!


17 Replies to “Action at Aston Villa?”

  • You can see what is coming a mile away…he’ll sack DOL to try and take the heat off himself, with some dubious excuse that he was involved in the revolt. Time for YOU to take responsibility Mr.Ellis

  • I doubt it will be Ellis on his way out. There is no way a player mutiny he thinks was organised by O’leary will be the reason for him to go, that would be like him admitting defeat.

    I doubt its O’Leary on the move either. Ellis wont sack O’Leary – if

  • That is why Ellis will pin the revolt on O’Leary, sack himfor gross misconduct or something similar, and refuse to pay him compensation. Then we’ll be dragged through the press again as O’Leary takes us to court to get his undeserved money

  • Would O’Neil or Curbs come with no money to rebuild the squad…..we must be careful or we may end up with Glenn Hoddle.

  • I can tell you what the news wont be…Doug Ellis selling the club…..Did anyone see what Portsmouth just did? Mandaric selling out his position because at 67 he feels someone younger can have a better vision with more ambition. Our Chairman is in the

  • Quite right DiaB. Its kind of like something out of 1984 when the people are fed the lies repeatedly and noone questions whats actually happening. Fast forward to 2009… as Alan Curbishly gets the push after finishing 16th… or will it be different this

  • Until the man dies, I think it’ll be groundhog day for each and every manager, regardless of who they are. You need to lose the old arrogant git who owns it.

  • In the long term(3-10 years) we need Ellis out but right now we NEED O’Leary out. Another manager will at leat keep our premiership status, even with new owners, unless they do a Leeds or a Chelski, I doubt O’Leary’s ability to do that.

  • One point which has been slightly overlooked, why, if Ellis is Mr. Aston Villa as he claims, is he still on holiday?? How can he not have returned to sort this out? Surely if you are the chairman of a business and your workers are in revolt against you, y

  • Well an official statement on the immediate future is already way overdue, they cant keep dragging their feet. The most obvious outcome will be the removal of DOL, basically in the hope that it will pacify the growing unrest and anger amongst the supporte

  • all hail Alan Curbishley…. a couple of months earlier than planned (remember I heard it from Richard Murray at Charlton)

  • No, Peter Reid will be the front runner. Curbishley does not appeal to me one bit. Anyhow, wont we have to o.k. any appointment with Bill Howell first?

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