Date: 5th December 2006 at 10:17am
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Vital Villa asked, in a polled suggested by Jonah, what is your preferred striker partnership amongst the currently fit players?

Gabriel Agbonlahor and Chris Sutton got nearly half of the votes with 43% wanting the speed and brawn combo.

28% said Gabby and Angel closely followed by Chris Sutton and Angel with 23%.

That left just 2% opting for:

Gabby and Baros, Angel and Baros or Sutton and Baros.

So it looks like Milan Baros has fallen from grace with the Villa fans. Nothing that a few goals couldn’t cure though surely?


14 Replies to “Agbonlahor & Sutton Preferred”

  • Blimey I am suprised as thats the partnership I chose and I dont think I have ever been with the majority on a front page poll before.

  • Sutton hold the ball and lays it into the path of Agbonlahor, he shoots GOAL!!!!!!!!!! Thats the youngsters hatrick can Manchester United get back into this game…………. I se where people are coming from 🙂

  • Experience and youth. The perfect combo? Wonder whether the opportunity will present itself so as we can see just how our preferred combination shapes up?

  • Does it sound like a prolific partnership thought ? Gabby’s shone on the flank this season think we should keep him there for now.

  • What’s the situation with Sutton’sinjury? He’s certainly showed how it should be done to Baros & Angel.

    I hope we can move Baros on and sign someone decent.

  • Priceless macca,, for those who cant be ar*ed part of the article::: And he?s not an awful lot better known now. Quick? Check. Control? Reasonable, I suppose, but we didn?t get much chance to see it. Good in the air? Ummm? Strong? Yes, as long as no-one challenges him and it?s not windy. Good finisher? Yeah, right.

    Harsh perhaps. Perhaps we didn?t see the best of him; I very much doubt he?ll get a second chance at Vicarage Road. No, he will be unused substitute for Villa in a couple of Carling Cup ties, followed by a few loan spells before joining Walsall, then Kidderminster Harriers, then Nuneaton Borough. And then he?ll probably become a roofer.
    Go on then, Gabby, prove me wrong.

  • Have to agree steff. Job definitely done and I bet the guy who wrote that article feels a bit stupid now! Seems strange how he can make such a judgement on one appearance, and if he’d bothered to look at Gabby’s record for the youth and reserve teams at Villa, he might have had a different opinion about Gabby’s finishing!

  • Aren’t we Villa Fans wonderful -we cewrtainly know how to turn the knife! Baros is going through a bad patch at the moment. We need the best out of him, so we need to lift him more. Player’s lack of confidence is a vicious circle -the lower it is, the worse they play, etc,etc. The fans support and encouragement is the only way to break this – so start “singing” his praises a few more times and get behind him (mistakes or otherwise and I guarantee you’ll see a massive improvement.

  • My preferred option. Two new strikers in January. We have to so something, because the current collection dont seem capable of doing the business.

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