Date: 7th May 2012 at 2:36pm
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Ok, in looking at the quotes from Alex (see part one: Alex Has NOT Taken The Weight This Season )

The next one that left me angry yesterday is below. I`m only just now at 2:30pm the next day able to write anything for the front page, if I`d tried last night my temper and sadness for this season would have got the better of me, I didn`t want to embarrass myself!

Anyway, he said:

‘Certainly when I assessed the squad at the start of the season I thought there was a possibility of being in the lower half of the table. Despite the name Aston Villa, it comes down to depth, strength of squad and quality.”

Sorry, that is NOT what he said to the five of us who met him in the summer. He was chuffed to bits to be at a big club, with the facilities and was excited to work with the squad. He knew it was a top eight bunch as he said so. He knew Ashley Young was leaving, so that is NOT an excuse and the departure of Downing was negated with the arrival of HIS signing, Charles N`Zogbia. Now fine, Zoggy has not set Villa alight, but he did at Wigan so surely the fact he was played out of position and fell out with McLeish is a part or all of the reason for that?

He said he couldn`t play attacking football at Blues because they didn`t have the quality to do it, but that Villa DID have the quality and so he would use that to make an attacking team.

scratching head

He also said he KNEW that Gabby wasn`t a winger, but then put him on the wing.


I`m sorry, one by one, your comments just do not add up Alex. It is sad to see a manager face so much hatred, so much bile, so much abuse but to be fair, the Villa faithful (and we are largely faithful) have had to put up with the most insulting season we`ve faced for decades.

You can see clearly the players confidence is shot. Totally and utterly shot. Players who were bright sparks even last season have faded into nothing this year. Coincidence?

It can`t be. When we met him, he actually came over as calm, strong and as said, excited at the prospect of working with the squad he was getting AND with the younger players. Then he has Heskey on the wing instead of Albrighton who you could see as the season developed, became less and less confident. Where is the man management for these ‘kids`? We have a great bunch coming through, I fear if Alex stays, he`ll ruin them with his negative anti football style.

Did he say at the interview with Randy that he thought we were a bottom half club? That is what he`s implied all season long. I wonder if that is how he communicated to the owner? Paul Faulkner got slated earlier in the season saying the aim should be Europe but I couldn`t figure out why. IT SHOULD BE. Fine, we let Ash go, we still had a top class striker who was left isolated up front and with little chance (and he still got us ten goals). John Barnes in his slating of our game v Man Utd said the very same before we had even kicked a ball.

Everyone can see the tactics of McLeish are wrong, he`s continued in the negative form despite assuring us (ahem) that he isn`t a negative manager and that is a myth.

I`d say his managerial ability is a myth and if Sir Alex disagrees, maybe he`ll come get the guy for Manchester United and see how long their fans would put up with it? Hey, I`ll even drive him up to you Sir Alex AND throw in the petrol and a slap up meal at the Little Chef.

There are a good few of us who stuck our necks out and said ‘give him a chance`… how wrong we were (to be fair, to a man, not ONE fan said they wanted him to be hired!)… he`s let us down badly.

Where is your dignity Alex?