Date: 16th June 2011 at 10:24am
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Brought to you from Bakero, who explained I`ve just spent ages researching and writing an article on McLeish`s management. It`s too big to post to the website so I`m emailing it instead. Hopefully you will front page it as it`s taken me a lot of work and I have a finger all bandaged up so I`ve typed it all left handed when I`m right handed ;-(. … Not sure why but that made me laugh!

I feel the record needs setting straight on McLeish`s record in management as for anyone to think he has what it takes is deluded in my opinion. Maybe this will help some realise why we are so opposed to him being our manager.

Motherwell, Yes he had a bright start at Motherwell taking them to 2nd in the league before two season fighting relegation. Despite that second place finish he had a very poor average of 1.21 points per game. Good start, bad finish!

Hibernian, In fairness they were struggling when he took them over with three months of the season left. He was unable to get them to stay up and they were relegated in last place. He did a good job bringing them back up and then finished 6th out of ten teams the next season which is mid table but still an ok achievement. I should point out though that they were only four points from 2nd from bottom.. The next season he finished a very good third although 31 points behind the leaders it is still a very good improvement.

All going well but then in his last season he managed Hibernian into December leaving them in 8th and two points from relegation. Does anyone else see the pattern to this guy`s management yet? Anyway he achieved a respectable overall average of 1.66 points per game although a lot of that was from the first division league. His top division points average is 1.38 with Hibernian which does not look quite so good.

Rangers, Right then he went on to manage one of the top two teams in Scotland. Hardly the hardest job in the world but he did well. Celtic won the league the season before McLeish came but Rangers had won the league the previous two seasons to that so he hardly ended Celtics dominance like quoted in some places. He started managing them part way through the season in December and they were in 2nd place. He kept them in second place but lost a further 7 point on Celtic to end up 18 points behind them. The next season was very good for McLeish as he finished top beating Celtic by one goal on goal difference. Next season back to second 17 points behind Celtic, Next season won title again by 1 point.

His final season he finished 3rd 18 points behind Celtic again. He then left the club after fans protested against him and the chairmen. While his average points of 2.27 looks excellent, the two Scottish giants are that far ahead of anyone else in the league anyone could achieve reasonable results. So while he did well at Rangers the average points over the last 10 years at Rangers is 2.2+ so he did nothing special in my opinion. While his record was still ok until his last season his management again seemed very inconsistent. One season being close to Celtic and then next season a massive points difference again. Again after initial success he took the club back down to below where he started with them. He also did well with the cups he won at Rangers but again there is only a few teams in with a chance of winning any cups in Scotland.

Birmingham. On to the Blues we go. He took Birmingham over 14 games into the season with them lying in 16th, he managed to lead them to 19th and relegation. All I can say is well done McLeish that`s about your best piece of work so far 😉 He led them straight back up finishing in 2nd. Then a respectable 9th before taking them back down again. Inconsistent is the key here again. His whole management at Birmingham he had an average points total of 1.41 which sounds ok but that is cup and league games including 1st division games. Take league games only and his average is 1.30 and then take his Premiership games only and his average points total is 1.13 per game YES 1.13 per game. I had to check that several times to make sure I have it correct! As we all know he won a cup (many will say luckily but credit where credit due) which is a fat load of use when you get your team relegated.

Now can someone pass that onto the board for me and then ask them to explain why they think he is a good manager! All he has proven in his management career is he can take a top team that are streets ahead of almost every other team in the league and keep them there or there about. He has had bad times at every club he has managed so I totally understand why he is not welcome at Villa by most fans. A few big signings are not going to win the fans around. Why the board would even consider a manager that would alienate so many fans when he is not even a good manager is beyond any reason or logic I can think of.

For clarification average points totals were worked out on three points for a win and one for a draw.