Date: 1st September 2006 at 2:13pm
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Always look on the bright side of life

Martin O’Neill has admitted to being ‘bitterly disappointed’ over the James Milner debacle. He’s not the only one. Boy-oh-boy, just how disappointing was yesterday? Even my wife felt compelled to tell me she had not felt so let down since our wedding night. It started with Saviola ‘snubbing’ – as they say in the tabloids – an approach by Villa and who showed more interest in moving to that bastion of footballing greatness, Racing Santander. It was downhill from there on.

I have always worked on the basis that no news is bad news and was proved right again yesterday. As for Tevez and Mascherano, I’m sure it was a question of mistaken identity, someone had said to them back home that they must join the claret and blue army and they got hopelessly misled! Anyway, let them get a taste of playing on a frozen pitch next February in Wigan, don’t think they will be up for it somehow.

But let’s look on the bright side, Petrov I think will be a big signing, we have made a cracking start to the season and we eagerly await the return of Baros, Bouma and Laursen to the first team. As Doug would say, ‘just like three new signings!’ Let’s not forget how we all felt a few months ago. The dream-team of Lerner and O’Neill are the best signings we could have possibly hoped for.

And the transfer window opens again in four months. Roll on January. Any other good news let me know, I need it.

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  • at least O’Neill has not got 4 months to think about new signings, maybe taking a step back and watching how players perform may be a good thing. Might get Milner for cheaper, if he feels upset and asks to be transfer listed because of what Newcastle did

  • I agree, we have many great acomplishments to take from the last month (not only 3rd). We have a world class player a world class manager and a world class owner. Thats good in 4 weeks. It also marks a change for us not to be the ones messing other tea

  • good post Saurat. After last season I would be happy to ensure our safety as have the same squad. We are already 7 points towards that. Lets mix with the big boys next season and let MoN build the masterplan in the meantime.

  • world class owner? from wot i hav herd he still thinks a goal is wen u kik the ball over the bar. as for milner we (newcastle) needed him so we recalld him thats life uz r only pist off that we hav a better team nd u cudnt hav 1 ov our most promesing you

  • Never underestimate O’Neill and co’s ability to get the best out of a limited squad. I think he did it at Leicester with a less able squad than Villa have at present and got them into the top ten 3 seasons running. Unless we are unbelievably unlucky with

  • Titchy? Obviously not the size of your ego? Possibly your IQ? Hold on a minute, hold the phone, what was the score at the weekend? Titchy’s IQ-0

  • titchy how much have newcastle spent/wasted in the last 2 years?..yes thats right about 60m. O’Neill will spend a quarter of that and we will still place higher than you even with a small squad…cant wait for the west ham game, mellberg and mcann will g

  • Owen 17 million, nice played 6 games? Martins 1st game sent off, Nice. Lee Bowyer fights with own player, nice. How many managers over the last year 3. Nice. No you are right thats a club with great team spirit and astute chairman who knows how to pic

  • Could titchy remind us of the major honours that ‘Big Club’ Newcastle have won? I can remember the mighty machems winning the FA Cup and the Smoggies winning the Carling Cup but that’s about all in the footballing ‘hotbed’ of the north east. And one more

  • Unlucky with Milner, a a Newcastle supporter I’m gutted that we would sell him. This means he wont be commited to the cause and you’ll probs get him cheaper in Jan.

    You mention we’ve spent £60million, just wait and see how much teams will charge you f

  • The TIT chy, NU (I didn’t put the FC bit, that’s debatable) do not need Milner, what club needs a player when they tell him he is not needed, agree a price, send him down to the middle lands of England, and then at the last minute recall him, was this jus

  • Dear ihatemackems, thanks for giving a reasonable assessment of the Milner situation. Glad you are optimistic about NUFC’s final position in the league but you won’t be surprised that I beg to differ. The Mags will struglle up until Xmas, Roeder will be s

  • Now the windows closed, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Who should we go for in January?? I need some speculation and rumours……. Bridge when he gets fed up……….Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho’s fallen out with Barca, he he.

  • We have progressed so far forwards in the past few weeks, I think we all fail to realise just how positive the whole scenario is concerning AVFC right now. No one will deny that yesterday was a disappointment, but that shows just how we are thinking nowad

  • I do feel a bit sorry for Toon. Owen’s injured (bad for England too) Martins injured, crap manager, lost 2-0 to the mighty Villa, Milner doesn’t wanna play for them, etc. Unlucky there mr ihatemackems, hope your situation improves. Meanwhile life as a Vil

  • nothin to worry about i reckon. i feel really sorry for milner though, we all hate being jerked around and nufc have shown a lot about themselves here. petrov will ignite the midfield, inspiring others to run off him, just watch. baros will like him, so w

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