Date: 27th June 2018 at 1:35pm
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It’s not shaping up to be a good summer for either Aston Villa as a club or the fans who continue to show their support with a fantastic response to season ticket sales for the season for 2018/19 – despite Play-Off disappointment last year and despite financial disappointment this summer that could require us to sell off our playing assets to address what can only be called financial mismanagement as we staked everything on gaining promotion back to the Premier League in 2017/18.

Given the news and the updates we’ve had the last few weeks, well I say updates, there’s not a lot Villa can actually say until Dr Tony Xia turns his phone back on and is willing to communicate with the fans once again, but few won’t have made their thoughts and opinions clear on developments whether on this site, others or social media platforms.

And that brings us nicely to a little email from Gordonsleftboot yesterday afternoon.

“Message to Xia
I do not know what your financial position is. Like other fans I don’t know what the true position of the club is at the moment either. What I do know is that the uncertainty is hurting the club and the fans. You are clearly struggling with cash for one reason or another and you are running the risk of screwing up this season and several more. This club was NOT created for you. It has not been developed and loved to provide you with a living, a financial windfall or anything else. It was not formed and supported over the years for your benefit whatsoever.”

It’s with that in mind that Gordon went on to reference a point he’s already made in article comments in pieces we’ve carried.

If the ‘cash-strapped’ issue is owing to difficulties in getting money out of China following their changing of the rules after Xia had already bought the club, then surely wanting – as reported – to only attract other Chinese investment in the club would simply see us end up at exactly the same place further down the line.

“If you can’t get money out, then neither will others.”

So why is that seen as a sensible strategy to get us out of this hole?

There is ultimately only one real outcome in Gordon’s mind, and that’s a change of ownership where Xia will have to take a hit owing to the direction formulated that has now bitten us squarely on the bum.

“Either tell us that these stories are not true or sell to the best bidder out there. This does not mean the highest. You are running the risk of screwing up one of the greatest clubs in the game. Get a grip or get out.”

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