Date: 12th April 2006 at 12:07pm
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Wow, honest player shocker! Kevin Phillips, who arrived from Southampton in a £750 000 deal last summer has held his hands up and said ‘I haven’t done enough.’ Wonder if the chairman and manager might follow his lead and do the same? (Yeah, right!)

Phillips has just four Premiership and one cup goals this season, although due to injuries he has only been able to start 18 games and came off the bench once. He hasn’t scored in the last seven starts.

Phillips said: ‘The supporters are entitled to have a go at me because I haven’t done enough so far but I’m trying my hardest and I like to think I’m committed whenever I play. I’ve had a couple of injuries and I’ve also been unwell on a couple of occasions so it’s been a frustrating time. Whenever I’ve been coming into form, I’ve had setbacks. My ankle injury set me back quite a bit and it’s been a stop-start season. It’s been disappointing because David O’Leary brought me here to add some goals to the team and I haven’t done that enough.’


‘But there’s still time for me to end the season strongly and I’d settle for another goal against Birmingham. Then I want a good break so I can come back fresh and ready to go next season. The most important thing for me is to stay injury-free and have a good season.’

Shame we didn’t buy him when Graham Taylor asked 4 seasons ago, at that time he could have fired us into Europe, maybe now we’ve bought him a season or so too late? Lets hope he’ll start banging them in and as he says, one v Blues would be a very welcome start!


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  • Yeah he has been disappointing in general, although most of our forwards strugle due to the shocking supply. Still a legend for scoring the winner at the sty and if he can do the same come Sunday I’ll be happy.

  • Kev’s being honest but like Aronno says, the supply is shocking and until we sort that out…

  • Totally agree, got to get the supply to the strikers. Some fans are saying all our strikers are no good, surely they can see that Van Horseface could play for us and we’d still struggle for goals. We hoof long balls up to small strikers, the opponents d

  • Not sure what the manager has got to do with the article about Kevin Phillips millers4eva? Who would do good? No idea, whilst Doug is in charge, we will never fulfil the potential.

  • Hats off to Super Kev. An honest and realistic assessment of his season to date. Refreshingly fair comments from a Villa Park employee. Amazing. I’ve personally got a lot of time for SK. His record in the game proves his quality, and agree with the articl

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