Date: 9th September 2009 at 7:30pm
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An interview with Foxxy from Vital Blues ahead of this weekends local derby!

1) So here it comes, the ‘ding dong derby’ as Tom Ross calls it. Do you look forward to them or dread them?

I always look forward to them, especially at St Andrews. You just can’t beat that feeling in a morning when you get up, hardly being able to eat breakfast, the atmosphere going to the ground as well as in it and the banter between the normal fans puts the icing on the cake. Of course there is a chance that nutters could spoil the day, or even worse, we lose.

2) Have you much optimism for the season, do you think you’ll do enough to stay up or are you in for another tough fight?

I’m a little bit worried about goals after last season, we didn’t score that many and this time around they are going to be harder to come across. But if the chances get created I hope that the new chap Benitez can show the strikers how it’s done and maybe the lads can get into a scoring habit. But in general, I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far and while we’re not going to break any records for points gained this season, I do feel a mid table place coming on.

3) The constant talk over the years of a takeover and a departure of the Gold and Sullivan lot… going to happen this time and do you think it would be a good thing?

While I do care for the club, I don’t have much to do with the running and ownership; I tend to be more interested in what is going on on the pitch. But for what it’s worth I don’t like the idea of Yeung taking over, I think the current owners have backed the manager well and I would like it to stay like that

4) I usually ask what do you think of Villa and why, in this case I think I’ll probably give that question a swerve and just ask, if you could have one of our players, who would it be and why!?

Richard Dunne. OK he’s new but at least he isn’t that claret tainted yet. He’s just a commanding figure and could get into most sides in my opinion; he’ll be missed by City. All in all he’s a fine player and although he is a bit deluded as to what he thinks he can win with Villa, I like him.

5) Liam Ridgewell… how is he doing for you and what did you make of the constant links through the summer to Craig Gardner?

Ridgewell was doing alright until he broke his leg in the game against Plymouth; he isn’t due back until October time. As for Gardner, I wouldn’t have minded seeing him at St Andrews, good midfielder who can also play at the back and his free kicks would come in handy too.

6) Alex McLeish, is he the right man for the job do you think?

I think he’ll be alright this season at least; he managed to get us back up and has attracted some good players in the summer. A poll on our site shows that most fans think he has what it takes, I suppose we’ll just have to wait until the end of the season when he’ll either be crowned King or Clown.

7) Ok, gulp, score prediction?

Stinks of a draw doesn’t it? But I’m going to not sit on the fence and say 2-1 Blues.

With thanks to Foxxy from Vital Blues.