Date: 26th March 2010 at 7:15pm
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Merlin from Vital Chelsea has done our interview for us, nice wizard that he is!

1) So, happy with the season so far?

Yes and No! We’re still in with a big shout for the title, indeed it remains in our own hands. If we win all our games the title returns to SW6, if we don’t then who knows. But, and this is a big but, I was kind of hoping t get jut a little further in the Champions League than we did, although a little part of me always suspected Jose Mourinho might have the last laugh. There’s also the small matter of our defence of the FA Cup as well, remind me – who are playing in the semi-final again?

2) Manager… this one going to stick around or will Roman continue to sack manager after manager?

I’ll go for sticking! We’ve chopped and changed too often and Carlo Ancelotti deserves at least a chance to build a squad of his own. Rumour has it that Carlo was the one Roman always wanted after the ego had flown the nest after one media outburst too many, so it’d be foolish if he were discard him after one season would it not!

3) Whispers of a Mourinho return, any truth and would you all want him back?

Mourinho might come back to Chelsea one day but it’ll not be for years yet. He’ll turn up in the Premier League somewhere, Manchester City perhaps, which may well stir up a right old hornets nest. As for wanting him back, I never really wanted him to go!

4) Who is going to win the league? Answer from the head and the heart!

Premier League title winners, from the heart – Chelsea, from the head it’s Arsenal!

5) Who would you like to grab 4th place and who do you think will grab 4th place.

Anyone but Liverpool will do me! Although I’d be slightly miffed it were to be Spurs or Manchester City so I guess that leaves Aston Villa, by default, does it not!

6) 4th or FA Cup, which would you take?

If you’re talking about Villa the 4th is the best you can hope for! The FA Cup, once again, has our name on it!

7) Who in our team would you like to take and who would you send our way?

I’d take a favourite of Carlo’s, Ashley Young. The one thing our side lacks is natural pace and a little bit of width, Ashley Young would provide that in abundance. As for sending some your way – take your pick from Deco, Hilario and Ballack, take your pick!

8) Who should Villa fear on Saturday?

Fear the Drogster! He’s hit 30 goals again this season and is on fire! Plus, don’t take your eyes off Florent Malouda, who is finally looking like he’s worth what we paid for him.

9) Prediction please kind sir!?

Now you’ve got me here! I’m just placed an article on Vital Chelsea announcing that I’m taking a weeks sabbatical to look after my lovely wife who goes under the surgeons’ knife tomorrow morning. At the time of kick-off I have no idea where I’ll be in the vast place that is Addenbrookes Hospital and I have a suspicion the result of the game might not be as significant as waiting for my wife to return safely from theatre.

Sometimes, not often mind you, there are more important things than football!

With thanks to Merlin from

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