Date: 27th November 2009 at 9:39am
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1) So, after the horror of last season, how are things at Spurs, confidence rising now?

I don’t know about a horror season, but certainly a horror start and of course all the upheaval that follows any management change. I still worry that our confidence is a little fragile and to be honest we are not yet at a point where I feel we are mentally able to go on a long run of games unbeaten, but that isn’t something that can be achieved overnight or with a 9-1 victory

2) Is Appy Arry the man to take you forward, you all happy with the manager after the revolving door of the last few years?

I have always been a fan of Harry and I think his image doesn’t reflect his true worth as a football man, although it is something that to an extent works in his favour as football can surely never have enough of characters.

As for taking us forward, I would have to say yes, without expecting unrealistic miracles of titles etc. If we or anyone else can break into the top four, that remains only half the job and maintaining it is equally as hard. To do this you either have to take the Citeh route or develop through stability. In many ways having Harry in charge suits us and potentially gives us that stability, because as long as he is reasonably successful, healthy and motivated to do the job, he could be with us for a very long time. Let’s face it I don’t honestly see him leaving us to step up the ladder or try his luck with Real Madrid, whilst he is far too many skeletons (allegedly) for the England job. At 62, this is probably his last big chance to build something with a club that has genuine potential and I think that would give him as much pleasure as moving to an already established top four club and winning the Champions League.

3) 9-1. Were you THAT good or were Wigan THAT bad? We did a 5-1 v Bolton and I must admit, I think they were simply awful but it still isn’t that easy to get so many passed a PL team.

Agreed Bolton were terrible…. I have to say that Wigan made a few schoolboy errors and clearly can’t have been playing very well, but we were on fire and it was one of those occasions where everything just clicked and shots that would normally end up in the back of the stand, went in.

Jermain Defoe was outstanding and also had several other very near misses to score more. Aaron Lennon was voted man of the match, which is no mean feat when a team mate scored five, whilst the rest of the midfield dominated the game. What matters now is how we move on. A bit like you this season, we have looked distinctly average at times and what really counts now is building a run of games without losing.

4) If you could have one of our players, who would it be and why?

I think we have been linked with them all at some stage in the last 12 months. The easy answer would be Ashley Young, but with Niko Kranjcar and Luka Modric, we have players of equal creativity for the left side and Aaron Lennon on the right to offer the pace and penetration. The difficulty is that there are a number of 50/50 player calls between the two sides and therefore there aren’t too many players in your side who would instantly come in and make us better. That isn’t meant to sound arrogant as an opposing fan, but I am trying to look at a player who would come in and make our first team better. I am huge a fan of Milner and Carew, whilst suggesting in recent (and not so recent) times that we should have bought Richard Dunne and Stewart Downing, who I think will be a great player for you.

5) Who should Villa be looking out for on Saturday?

Aaron Lennon was outstanding last week on his return and is the clear danger man in my opinion. If we play well we have quality throughout and offensively we have so many options, but also have a solid defence, but then again so do you…

6) What is your opinion of Villa and do you have any on Martin O’Neill?

Villa have never really been a club to get me excited, but I have a great deal of respect for them, though obviously they are not as big as Spurs or have the same history ;-).. As a team, I think Martin O’Neil is building a good side, but I still feel you are slightly thin on the ground in terms of squad numbers to end the season in the top four, though Europe should be on the cards again, though I would say that like Spurs, not having a European distraction this season gives us an advantage over one or two others as our squads were built with Europe in mind, so could last the pace better.

As for MON, I think he has done a great job for you and although I understand that he doesn’t always play pretty football, he never has, so is this a surprise? The same applies with big money signings. As with any side with your ambitions, it is all about building sound foundations and that is exactly what he is doing.

7) You looking forward to your trip to Villa Park. Obviously the excitement of potentially meeting me must be quite a thrill?!

I haven’t been to Villa Park in years, but the possibility of meeting your good self will be a memory I will cherish forever, making me either very sad, insincere or both. I assume you are buying the burgers and beer?

8) Will Spurs manage to find a way of ruining this good start or do you believe you’ll be pushing for the top four this season?

I think we have the squad to do well and with Liverpool managing to make themselves a laughing stock at the moment, we have a chance of sneaking the 4th spot, although I think Citeh will buy it with a few big signings in Jan.

I would be happy with a top six place, which would show progression, but at the moment we have to aim for as high as we can and who knows. It looks likely that Liverpool, Villa, City and ourselves will be favourites to fill places 4 through to 7 and based on quality of squad, we have to consider that we have an opportunity, but then again we will surely find some way to mess it up, but Villa and City are equally adept at doing that as well…

9) Just how upset were you for our brethren at Liverpool (laughing emoticon)

I think it is hilarious. Anyone could see that they were light in several key areas, except it seems Benitez and the fact it seems they can’t afford to sack him makes it all the more comical. Failure to qualify for the CL will surely mean they will lose Torres and Mascherano, which may bring in 100m, but that could all go straight to paying off the bank and who have they got to replace them? Perhaps you could let them have Emile Heskey? The thing that amazes me is that despite losing five of their thirteen games, they are only 5 pts off of a top four place, so as long as they keep in touch, they have to be a worry. They are the team with the history of winning back to back games and would it really be a shock if they went out and won 10 straight games?

10) Go on then, prediction?

Let me see, your last home game was a 5-1 demolition and our last game was 9-1. Based on my technical evaluation, there is only one result possible. A very dull 0-0. I assume you will be buying the beers after as well???

With thanks to OxfordSpur from Vital Spurs. My interview on Vital Spurs. Click Here The last but one question is great, if both teams merged, what would be the starting 11.