Date: 16th December 2009 at 8:24pm
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1) So how is the season treating you so far? Thoroughly enjoyed watching your game v Wigan, you certainly seem to be cementing your place in the Premiership at the moment?

I think we’re doing great, but I’m a born pessimist so I’m waiting for the collapse in the second half of the season! Some fans have higher expectations (too high?) and think the we should be heading for Europe if we hadn’t dropped so many points from winning positions. We’re certainly more confident now that we can hold our own in the League and that means that our football is not quite so ‘negative’ as last season.

2) Have you the right manager now with Tony Pulis and what did you all make of the James Beattie incident, was it handled correctly or do you think he’ll be sold off now?

Pulis is God! He has his doubters who are just waiting for him to slip up, but so far he’s hardly put a foot wrong. We loved every twist and turn of the Beattie saga, but it seems to be last week’s chip wrapper now and it’s water under the bridge. The only problem was how it got into the media but I think Beatts will stay and get a contract extension which is what he really wants.

3) Realistically what are your expectations as a Stoke fan? At this moment?

Just to stay up. Give us a couple more years of stability and who knows?

4) Any opinions on Villa and Martin O’Neill? Or should say I say any polite ones?!

Great win against United. Both Villa and Spurs seem to be destined to slug it out for the fourth slot that’s been vacated by Liverpool this season.

5) If you could have a player or two of ours, who would it be and why?

Gabby Agbonlahor. Our strikers (Fuller, Beatts, Tuncay and Sidibe) may just be past their peaks but Agbonlahor seems to be coming along well and his best may well be yet to come.

6) Who would you send our way in exchange?!

Sorry, you’ve just missed out on Richard Cresswell to replace Agbonlahor as he seems destined for Leeds.

7) Where do you think you’ll finish this season and if you have any interest at all, where will Villa finish?

I’d be very happy with another mid table finish and it’ll be a straight fight between you and Spurs for 4th as Man City will not do any better than 6th.

8) Go on then, lets have your score prediction?

Just like last season at Villa Park – another 2-2 draw but hopefully we won’t leave it to the last three minutes to score both goals. Have your lot been practising their penalties?

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