Date: 16th April 2009 at 10:17am
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1) So an injury ravaged season, a disappointment or just about what you expected?

Above what I expected really. At one point we were really in the mire, and now Europe is still a possibility. At Xmas we were tipped by many to go down, but we should end up in the top 10.

2) Were you surprised when Curbishley was sacked, was he given enough time?

Yes, he had sufficient time. I felt a bit sorry for Curbs, and he did well when he first came in, but he was not going to take us any further forward.

3) Is Zola the man to take you forward?

Quite simply, yes. Zola and Clarke have done a great job so far. Long may they stay.

4) Of all the players you’ve had out injured this season, who have you missed the most?

Dean Ashton. When he is fit, he is one of the best striker in the league. Unfortunately, that is not very often.

5) If you could have two Villa players, who would they be and why?

Ashley Young: Great player. His pace and vision would fit nicely into our team.
Gabby Agbonlahor. If your fans don’t like him, I’m sure ours would!

6) You’ve asked me, so I’ll ask you for an outsiders point of view, did MON mess up over the UEFA Cup, were you surprised to see him send such a weak team to Moscow?

Yes. It looks as though you will miss out on 4th spot, so does a European final sound so bad to MON now?

7) What do you think of Villa and have you been pleased to see another team knocking on the door of the ‘established’ top four?

It’s been great to watch Villa when they are playing well. Quick, attacking football, with some fantastic English youngsters in the team.

8) What is the best/funniest chant you have heard this season?

To Spurs’ Tom Huddlestone:
‘Jordan’s baby,
Jordan’s baby,
Jordan’s baby in disguise’

9) Realistically where do you see West Ham heading, what can they achieve league and cup wise?

If we can finish 7th and gain a European spot great, if not, no big deal. We need a new backer who will invest a few million in the team. We have some great youngsters (Noble, Collison, Tomkins, Sears, Savio) and some excellent established players (Parker, Upson, Cole, Green), but we need some strikers, and some flair.

10) And closer to home, what do you expect to happen this weekend?

A decent game, 2-2.

With thanks to Saul from Vital West Ham. My interview is available at and will no doubt, inform and entertain the entire world of football what with me being a genius and all. :o)


15 Replies to “An Interview With A West Ham Fan”

  • Who is this Fear guy?? I remember him spouting off about some old geezer who once owned Villa – who the heck was that old geezer??? and now you can’t keep this guy quiet ;o)

  • Fear is a figment of your imagination and the old geezer was just a very long nightmare naz! lol

  • Yet another who wants to take Gabby off our hands. Yet another case of the yawning chasm between perception and reality. Hopefully we can find a manager dumb enough to cough up £15m for his ‘services’ in the summer.

  • God gonna have nightmares now – a figment of my imagination – god I must have a weird imagination then – still wake up in a sweat – have this image of this old geezer in my head – gives me nightmares – would rather sleep with my ex-wife than be put through that hell again ;o). lol

  • Saurat, you are exactly the type of fan we don’t need. The reality is this young local, villa supporter is the top English scorer in the league. In his short career he has scored goals against Manure, murderpool, The Arse, Chelski, Bluescouse and last season I remember clearing off his own line before running down the pitch and heading the winner against the dildo salesmen from Somali Heath. None of this is perception, they are facts. You may get a lucky goal against one of these teams but to score against them regularly isn’t about luck. This season he has played wide right, up front with Heskey or Carew or on his own. Capello thinks he is good enough for England and fellow professionals have voted him one of the best young players in the Country. But you know better don’t you? If you can’t bother to support our players, then please refrain from slagging them off. It is this fickleness that drives good players away and doesn’t help us sign the quality we want.

  • voiceoftheholte—well said. True, Gabby has a lot to learn about ‘movement ‘timing of runs’ awareness’ etc. IF he learns (and he has learned pretty quickly so far) he will become an International player. IF he doesn’t learn, then he will still always be a more than useful Premiership striker until he loses his incredible pace ( about 30 barring injuries)

  • Totally in agreement with you two guys!! Championship Manager and Fifa one zillion is a bane – give guys a joypad and they know everything about being an expert/footballer/manager.

  • that is the thing with Gabby, he isn’t the finished article. If you judge him as if he is, then he will fall short, if you judge him on potential due to his age and the fact he still has a lot to learn, he could be a very exciting proposition. He has to start putting in the ‘easy’ chances though, some of the poor misses this season I’m sure would have dented his confidence and it seems strikers above all players rely on confidence and swagger.

  • always been the way in footie naz, bit unfair to say those that play the computer games (I don’t by the way) think themselves experts. Surely around pub tables up and down the land we are all experts…! That is football and long may it continue!

  • Was tongue in cheek – there are experts in the pubs I agree and it amazes me that people forget how young Gabby is and what he has done or had to do all season sometimes in a joyless task up front.!! Anyway Mr Fear – back off to Turkey soon for the summer season (got a bar to run you know), will be back winter time.

  • yeah, I know mate! lol :o) That is the thing with a few of our lads though, Young, Milner, Friedel (cough cough) young and learning. They have it all at their feet, up to them to realise the potential now. Enjoy Turkey again dude..! Can’t understand why you come back for the winter though…. then again our summer isn’t really much different is it?!

  • No business in the winter there mate so we all close down (apart from the really big complexes), so we come home to stay with family and I get to work at my old place for a few months to keep money coming in. Soon (in about 3 – 4 years) will be going over then not coming back as we intend to retire there (will be 56 by then!) and will spend all my time there. Just coming back to see kids once in a while.

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