Date: 29th May 2012 at 9:50am
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Following the interview with our very own Merlin from Vital Chelsea: *Di Matteo* An Interview With A Chelsea Fan we returned to ask about another former Chelsea manager linked with Villa, this time Andre Villas Boas

1) AVB came highly rated, but I don`t think you guys were that impressed when he was selected were you?

The general feeling was that Carlo Ancelotti didn`t deserve to be sacked, but as the days passed, Andre Villas-Boas` record in Portuguese football impressed more and more of us. Going through the season unbeaten and coming from the same background as Jose Mourinho, he seemed to have all the credentials, but……as we found out, what you`ve achieved before means nothing in the hurly-burly of the Premier League.

2) Did he do anything to impress?

To start with yes! We played some good football even when we got beat 3-1 at Old Trafford we looked a decent outfit in the making. The high defensive line was being bedded in and his enthusiasm started to endear him to the supporters. But then………..the train started to come off the rails. A shuddering 5-3 defeat, at home, by Arsenal and an extended ‘Bad Moment` that spanned two months, settled matters one way or another.

3) What was his style of play?

Andre looked to play football. The defence played high up the pitch and a pressing game was implemented to ensure possession was quickly gained back when lost. Initially it worked but then sides worked out that by slipping the ball between the central defenders for quick players to run on to was our undoing.

4) Was he always onto a loser at Chelsea trying to change a very strong and older dressing room too quickly? If so, do you think that is a comment on him being a bad manager OR do you think he might well fit elsewhere in the PL, more specifically Villa?

I don`t think he was on to a loser from the off, I think he tried to implement a three year project in his first season. The old-guard has done so much for our club and still, as the Champions League proved, do. Andre tried to dislodge certain players without ever telling them why and when the ‘Bad Moment` occurred they were never going to put everything on the line for him. Now whether he can turnaround a club in a different situation whereby there is no dominant old-guard to shift, I`m not sure. I`m not certain he`s a bad manager, stubborn perhaps, but not bad!

5) Bit harsh to bring him in, say you`ll back him, then sack him wasn`t it? Abramovich is a numptie isn`t he?

Most definitely not! It was a brave call from Roman and the board. We were heading nowhere and looking down the barrel of financial chaos. No Champions League football would have hit us hard. It got to a stage whereby results / form were awful and a change, despite that original backing, had to be made.

6) AV (ignore the B) it was meant to be wasn`t it? Bring in David Villa and buy me an Aston Martin and we are surely set to win the league?! Or more sensibly, any opinions on who you think would be a good manager for Villa?

If you were to press me on which of the two you should go for, I`d say Robbie (to our detriment though). He`s a sound bloke, has decent man-management skills and now has some real credibility about him following the triumph, in the face of adversity, against both Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Andre has this air of aloofness about him and his pres s conferences will leave you gob-smacked with words plucked from the Oxford English dictionary that have you scratching your head.

But, if you want to take a real punt on a replacement for McLeish, plump for Claudio Ranieri. The likeable Italian took us to second place and it was the foundations he put in place (signing Petr Cech, Frank Lampard and Arjen Robben) that enabled Jose Mourinho to come in and win back-to-back titles.

With thanks to Merlin from Vital Chelsea.


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