Date: 29th March 2007 at 3:07pm
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Great, I love a good row in the press!

Martin O’Neill has slated Andy Gray’s criticism of him saying his arguments ‘don’t stack up’.

Lets face it, those that can do, manage, those that can’t talk total shite on Sky.

Andy Gray said, as we covered some weeks back: ‘This Villa side is O’Neill’s team, littered with players that he has brought in since taking the reins at the start of the season.’

O’Neill has now answered, albeit late, saying:

‘I’m not saying I’m looking for five years to turn this club around, but there’s no such thing as patience today. It doesn’t exist in life and it certainly doesn’t exist in football. I don’t mind criticism if your argument stacks up. He mentioned the squad here is ‘littered’ with my own signings. The argument is simply not true. This sounds like mitigation but it’s true, we signed one player in August who was the only change to the team from last season, and we lost James Milner as well.’

‘We signed Chris Sutton outside the transfer window and he did OK, we didn’t get much from Didier Agathe on a four-month contract. Those signings were keeping us alive until January and then we signed three players, one of which (Shaun Maloney) was signed too late to play in January because he was signed on the very last day. We got John Carew in a swap deal which we’re pretty pleased and Ashley Young who will come good – absolutely no question of that.’

‘Shaun Maloney has played twice, John Carew had played five times before the Liverpool match. So to turn around and say we’re littered with my signings is simply not true. He also said if we’d lost to Liverpool, then that was two on the trot, well we didn’t lose to Liverpool. He said if we hadn’t got results early on, we’d be struggling – but we did get results early on.’

Like it! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! O’Neill added: ‘It’s like saying if Manchester United hadn’t have won the first 12 games of the season for example, then look where they’d have been. If you use a peripheral argument as the backbone of your argument, then you look a bit foolish. That’s my own view. I’ve seen that kind of argument before and it looks foolish. Criticism is there all the time. This time last year Sir Alex Ferguson was told to retire. You can pick bits of an argument and make it fit whatever way you want. The issue is we have to win some more games.’

Sorry as he was a great player for us, but never like Andy Gray anyway, used to bump into him around Four Oaks in the pubs and he was a snotty, arrogant pratt. He also spoke badly of us fans who wanted Ellis to go, so what he thinks about OUR manager, is irrelevant!!!!


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  • Don’t much care for Andy Gray, Hairy Hands Keys or many of the Sky Sports lot to be honest. Gray and Keys need replacing to freshen things up. Gray, as with most “experts” talks a good talk but if he was that good he’d be doing what Martin O’Neill etc. do.

  • Gray had a chance to become a manager but bottled it for an easier life, so difficult to take what he says about managers seriously really, he never tested himself and Big Ron told him he’d regret that one day. Mind you, I wish I had his regrets WITH his bank balance! I do think they need replacing now though, been going far too long, far too compacent and Richard Keyes always seemed a total buffoon to me. Especially when he kept creaping on about Doug and how much us Villa fans loved him really. Jeez!

  • Well said Martin, very well said. I’ll take time to add my own sweet verbal blast towards Mr Gray (not that he’ll care one jot), ‘Andy, Villa Park legend you may well arguably be, but please, shut your mouth’!

  • I quite like Andy as at least he gets a debate going, I am biased beacuse I remember a dlying header he scored for us away at Coventry. Maloney looked quite useful for Scotchland last night by the way. We just need to start winnning. Losing our goalkeeper, bad cup draws and the fixture list since December haven’t helped at all. Seems as if we haven’t played forever

  • I really don’t care what Gray says he has nothing to do with AVFC currently so it doesn’t matter

  • What a player for us,but always seems to be fairly negative about Villa unlike Rambo.He slated Brian Little so bad he left and remember Blues 1st Mickey Mouse trophy won which was on Sky in the early days and he was saying Blues were bigger than the Villa,reading his Autobiograhy he seems bitter about Ron Saunders and how he left for the 1st time,he has a mini point about MON though.

  • Gray left the Villa to pay for his night club ‘the Zoo’ that got into difficulty. He was a brilliant player for us but I lost a bit of respect when he left just to get a pay off. The forward line of Gray, Little and Deehan were superb. In one season I’m sure tthey got close to 75 goals between them.

  • A Legend of a centre forward – no one and I mean no one – was braver when it came to diving headers at the feet of centre halfs. Never got the chance with Scotland. 110 k from Dundee Utd – I wish we could unearth more like him nowadays. Remember that he works for Sky so he is paid to be a ponce – He’s a Legend Ponce for Sky now! All Hail The PONCE!!

  • I remeber Andy GREY leavin us as he did not have the bottle for management I supose he realised he did not have it in him we he failed trying to manage a night club

  • He’s a good guy, he was fairly even handed (from what I can remember) when we were having those mares against the Blues. Better than all that tripe on the Beeb recenly, every time we play teams like Charlton, Watford etc they drag out Mark Bright, Tortoise head Crooks to big up the opposition. The media can be fairly savage, look at Macaren this week (he’s public enemy number one, the new Alpay!) – the over paid prima donnas should have performed on the pitch.

  • To be fair, it’s all very easy to give it all the large as a pundit. They have the benefit of hindsight, and Martin O’Neill is the one who lives and dies by his decisions in real time by pitchside. It’s not like managers go into jobs saying ‘i’m here to screw things up’ (well unless you’ve lost the plot like DO’L). But then again Andy Gray is doing his job and being a pundit, and he’s getting paid to be controversial, and the very fact that we are discussing this now shows he’s succeeded. MO’N is right, in that Gray’s arguement isn’t really based on any solid foundation, but MO’N also know’s that results are what will shut pundits up, and that he is in a results driven business (ask McClaren). This reminds me of a few years back when Gregory and Dowie critisised Martin Jol, and to be fair, he stuck it back down their throats.

  • I know this is a bit offbeat but D O’L didn’t come to screw things up he was the fans choice and had no backing from his board. This in turn led to bad signings due to lack of anyone wanting to join a club going nowhere except money grabbers like Baros. We are better for the Lerner ERA and MON will turn this round. UTV and lets give the boys some support out there monday,

  • I hope McInally tackles him in the car park at Sky. Give it a few years and Grey will be licking MON’s arse saying ”what a great job he is doing” bla bla bla…….He is up there with Mark Lawrenson, and as much of a fool. I also see him knocking around Knowle and Dorridge on occasion, believe he lives in Lapworth now which explains why he is always at the wrong end of a bottle in The Boot. As Fear said very unapproachable and arrogant when acknowledged in public.

  • Andy Gray (failed nightclub owner nearly bankrupt). Mark Lawrenson (sacked as defence coach for Newcastle because they kept letting four and five goals in). Shut up and sit down. They say the same crap every week, just aimed at different clubs. they have become full of their own self appointed importance. The only people worth listening to are current players and managers who understand what is going on. Mon has not yet had a full season, also all the other clubs who are honestly rolling up their sleeves and having a go, get slated by these idiots. Andy Gray is a distant hero and not a present one SHUT THE FECK UP!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m pleased that MON responded to his jibes, giving notice that he aint gonna be a whipping boy for the likes of Andy Gray and co.

  • Don’t forget Old bonehead is a die hard Rangers hun. Why would he have any positive take on MON. Probably why Martin has chosen to publicy respond in this case. Bottom line is that we need points soon, be interesting to see if we beat last season’s total (42?)

  • Can’t believe we’ve only won 7 games so far this season. How poor is that! random I know but I had to tell someone my Mrs ain’t interested.

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